August 16, 2007 at 9:14 am

I’ve been slacking on blogging, due to obsessing over the Nutrisystem thing.  Let’s see if I can remember what we’ve done this week…

Monday – stayed home in the morning, babysitting Joey and Jillian. Finally unpacked our suitcases from Hilton Head and Chad’s trip and did a ton of laundry. Monday afternoon Cal had karate.

Tuesday – took the kids (& J&J) to the aquarium where we met Katie et al and Cari et al. The kids were great and it was fun, but HOT. Tuesday afternoon, Cal had karate.

Wednesday – stayed home in the a.m. and Reese came over instead of going to little girl playgroup. The kids were good and kept themselves mostly occupied while I did still more laundry and worked around the house. Wednesday afternoon, we went to Publix to order Cal’s birthday cake, then Cal had karate.

Okay, it’s Thursday…no karate! yeah! Three days a week is alot of karate.

Cal is so excited about his birthday. I am going to surprise him with Chuck E. Cheese’s for lunch tomorrow. He’s really trying to stretch his birthday out to two full days, since his party is on Saturday.  We had some drama yesterday when the theater called and told me that they had given me the wrong showtime, and that there was no 2:45 showtime. Of course, this was after I had already called everyone and given them the time. After another round of phone calls to everyone, the theater called back and told me they were wrong AGAIN, and that there actually was a 2:45 showtime. geez. So I called everyone for the third time just to tell them we were back to the original plans. My blood pressure was definitely up for an hour or so there. But I think it will be fun and Cal will enjoy it. He seemed disappointed last night when I told him 10 people were coming to his party. I think he expected 30 or so, like in the past. But I told him that’s just how it is when you get older and have a summer birthday. It’s hard to round up your school friends. I think he’ll be happy at the actual party.

On the walk last night, he and I held hands and talked for a long time. He was talking about this girl Toni at school who he said was mean to everyone, but especially to him. He said she was mean to him every day. He said sometimes he wishes he just was a normal kid with a normal brain. Ha! I think Toni must have been mean to him because he was obviously smart…Mrs. Hodges used to have Cal read to the kindergarten class. I told him he was totally normal, and no matter what a person is like, whether smart or dumb or beautiful or ugly, someone is always going to be mean to him. There are just mean people in the world. And I told him it has nothing to do with him…it’s just that the person is mean! They are going to be mean no matter what, and you just have to learn that what they say or do doesn’t matter. I said that he would never be mean to anyone, especially just because of how they look, right? He said, yeah, and not because of how they sound either. He said, “Like Paw. He sounds funny, and sometimes I can’t understand what he says, but I still love him. And Grandaddy. He always talks to me like I’m a baby, but I still love him.” So cute. Cal is so thoughtful and really beyond his years in his sensitivity and understanding of many things. Love that boy. And can’t believe my baby is going to be SIX tomorrow!!!!

Today we are going to Roisin (and Erin and Declan) Reynold’s house for MOMS Club playgroup. They have an above-ground pool, so the kids are excited to go swimming. Then this afternoon we have to go to Publix for a million things. Tonight is pool night, so I have to figure out how to not have pizza (since we’re going to CEC’s tomorrow) without letting Cal know why. Maybe I’ll make pasta instead, then they’ll be happy and won’t really care :)


August 12, 2007 at 7:18 pm

Chad got up with the boys today and let me sleep in :) Love him.

He ran errands with the boys this morning, and I actually scrapped:

rib fest

I’ve been spending alot of time reading the Nutrisystem website and message boards, getting ideas and info on the program. My food should arrive tomorrow, and I’m really geared up to start.