I’m finally sitting down

January 31, 2011 at 5:27 pm

This is the first moment I’ve sat down all day, other than being in the car and seeing the phlebotomist.

This morning I walked the boys to school then immediately jumped in the car and went to the lab to have blood drawn. I have a doctor’s appointment, a regular check-up, on Friday. I have hypothyroid and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), both of which I take medication for, so I have to have blood drawn at least every six months to make sure my medication is correct. I am resigned to the fact that both of these conditions are genetic and I will take medication for them for the rest of my life. It’s okay, really. I know I am pretty much in the best shape I have ever been in and I am very focused on healthy living. You just can’t do much about your genes.

After having blood drawn I needed food and coffee STAT (the blood test had to be fasting). Luckily, there is a Starbucks just down the street from the lab, so I had coffee in my hand within five minutes. I had brought a granola bar, banana and two cheese sticks with me so I could scarf in the car, which I did on the way to Publix. Once home from Publix I spent all morning in the kitchen doing fantastic things. I’m going to do a whole blog post about that, but here’s my lunch which is a sneak peak (excuse the not so good cell phone photo)…

Oh, I took a break before lunch to run 5 miles, but then it was right back to the kitchen (after showering off the crustiness). I even ate that delicious plate of food above while standing up in the kitchen and fantasticking.

I was in the kitchen up until I had to go get the boys from school. Then it was homework, make lunches for tomorrow, continue the fantasticalness and clean up the kitchen because fantasticalness causes a big mess, then finally sit down. Ahhh.

I’m exhausted! But we still have the family walk this evening, which I will not wuss out on. I kind of like productive days that end in exhaustion. I feel like a day in the kitchen is a good day. All those food blogs I read are rubbing off on me.

Playdate Sunday

January 30, 2011 at 4:49 pm

This morning I made waffles again with my new waffle iron that I got for Christmas. I love this thing.

According to Chad who knows everything, in order to make perfect Belgian waffles you must have a waffle iron that flips. I guess I believe him, because all the waffles I have made in this one have turned out perfect.

Of course, like I said the last time I made waffles, my favorite part about it is that you don’t really have to clean it…just wipe it with a paper towel :)

Cal is a big fan of cinnamon and always wants cinnamon pancakes or cinnamon waffles. And it seems like no matter how much I put in, he says they need more cinnamon. So when I saw gingerbread waffle mix at The Fresh Market, I thought he would love them. So that’s what we made this morning.





Cal helped me mix up the batter.

The boys like to have their syrup on the side for dipping.

They both cleaned their plates.

The boys said they liked the Fresh Market waffles better than my homemade recipe, but Chad disagreed. I didn’t eat them, so I don’t have an opinion. Really, the mix was not that much easier than just making them from scratch. In addition to making waffles, I also baked these guys:

Cal calls them “Pablos”. They are little penguin figures made out of baking clay. He makes all kinds of them. One is a Jedi, obviously, and the other one is a penguin in a dinosaur suit. Last year he made a whole series of penguins for his entire class. Apparently they were very popular.

Right now Cal is at a friend’s house for a playdate. However, he informed me that since he is nine years old they are no longer called “playdates”. It is just hanging out. While he is gone, Mack has a friend over here. The dinosaur Pablo was for Mack’s friend. They are having a ball. Wii has been played.

“Guys” have been played.

It’s been action-packed. Oops…it’s time for me to take his friend home. And finish watching the finale of The Fashion Show. Anybody else watch this Project Runway rip-off? Not sure what I think of it. But I keep watching.