Dang I’m Sore Monday

February 28, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Yesterday while Cal was at his playdate hanging out with friends, Mack and I ended up walking/riding his bike to Denver Park. That is just a few blocks short of the school, and he decided he’d rather go to the park than ride around the parking lot. It was still a couple of miles for him to ride there and back, plus he could ride all around the sidewalks of the park. Oh, he also road his bike all over the tennis courts :) . Chewie just hung out while I pushed Mack on the swings.

He’s such a good dog.

That thing over Chewie’s nose is not a muzzle. It is an anti-pull collar. His little 30 pound body can exert about 1,000 pounds of force on a leash. It is awful trying to walk him without it. He’s totally used to it now and doesn’t mind it too much.

Today I am feeling pretty much totally well and appreciating it so much. It will probably take a week or so for me to take it for granted again.

This morning I walked the boys to school, went to Publix because I’m creating some fantasticalness again that I will be posting about later, then I went for a run! I wrote about it on my Still Running Page, but it was great. The only problem is that my legs were really sore from Bodypump yesterday (mainly my quads), so after walking yesterday and this morning and then running, I am hobbling about now due to the soreness. But I am so happy to be feeling good and exercising again that I don’t even care. And I know that continuing to exercise through the soreness actually makes it go away faster than just resting. Tomorrow is Bodyflow!

This afternoon I went to the boys’ school for their student-led gifted conferences. Basically, it is just a chance for them to show me what they have been doing in their gifted class. The conferences were actually last week, but I was so out of it that I totally forgot about them. No biggie.

I got to see all of their work. Check out their gifted folders…expressing their personalities:

Cal’s gifted folder

Mack's gifted folder

Even though I am beyond sore, I am planning on going on the family walk tonight. I think the walking actually helps the soreness by gently working out my muscles. The worst part is sitting down and standing back up. Which I need to do now to go serve the fantasticalness for dinner. Happy Monday!

Pigtails and Pajamas and Pumping Iron

February 27, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Last night I attended my third meeting of the Secret Society. You can check out the first two times I was asked to participate here and here.

As I mentioned before, these meetings are thematic. Everybody was rocking the “Pigtails and Pajamas” theme last night (inspired by my pigtails last month!).

Some members were a bit “pigtail challenged”, though.

My pajamas are really sexy, right?

I have to say this was the most comfortable Secret Society meeting I’ve attended. Actually, I’m wearing the exact same thing right at this moment. :) I was envious of some of the other member’s PJ’s, though.

You may think you have some idea of what transpires at these meetings of the Inner Sanctum, but unless you were there you are really only guessing. There was some of this:

and some of this:

I can not confirm or deny that the plate above belonged to me, however it is a good thing that this morning included this:

and this:

Yes! I am back at Bodypump. It felt great to break a sweat and use my muscles again. I did feel relatively weak and decreased my weights from where I used to be, but it is a start. Right now my quads feel like jell-o, so I am pretty sure I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Good sore. Monday is usually my “long run” day, so maybe I will try to do a short run tomorrow and see how it goes. I am feeling almost back to 100% and am really eager to get back out there.

This afternoon Cal is going over to some friends’ house for a playdate to hang out and I am going to take Mack up to the school to let him ride his bike around the parking lot, possibly bringing a friend along with us. It’s amazingly beautiful in Florida today and we need to take advantage of it! Here’s to the beginning of a great week.