Lancaster Tractor Tuesday

March 30, 2011 at 8:18 am

We were so busy yesterday and I was so exhausted by the evening that I couldn’t bring myself to write a blog post. But now I’m all alone in my sister Janet’s house and it’s early in the morning. She just left with my nephew to head to work and daycare, respectively. I’m feeling sad that I won’t see him again until possibly late summer :( . But looking at the pictures from yesterday made me smile.

The day started out with me alone with sweet baby boy, after my sister left for work and I waited for my parents and Cal and Mack to arrive at her house.

Cute Cody PJs

Cody scrunch face

Wahhhh. I miss him already.

Shortly we were invaded by much more rowdy boys.

Boys & Grandma

For breakfast I had a bowl of cheerios with strawberries and bananas and three cups of coffee.

bkfst mar 29

We introduced Cody to cheerios for the first time during this vacation, and he is a fan. Me too.

After my breakfast and coffee had time to be digested, I set off on a long run. It was really (really) great. I did 6.25 miles and wrote more about it on my “Still Running” page.

That water tower was my beacon signaling my destination. It is at the top of the street that my sister’s farm is located on. I could see it way off in the distance and it kept me going. You can see that it was a beautiful day. It was the first day with no rain since we had been here.

After I got back to Janet’s and showered and dressed we were off to lunch at a barbecue place nearby.

I had a big salad with pork barbecue on top.

We met up with one of my Dad’s first cousins who lives in Charleston, which is not too far away.

This is Big Mack and Big Cal (as opposed to my little Mack and little Cal). Dad’s cousin was called “Billy” as a kid, although we’re not sure why since his actual first name is not William or Bill or anything. But for his adult life he has been called “Cal” Calcote. So it was sort of fun to have two Cals and two Macks at lunch.

My Dad and his cousin grew up together as boys and also grew up riding motorcycles. My Dad has had hip and knee surgery which pretty much limits his ability to ride anymore, but his cousin Cal is still riding at 82 years old.

After lunch we took Big Mack back to his hotel so he could have a break and Mom, the boys and I drove to a nearby state park called “Cane Creek Park”. It is off-season, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

We have been to this park several times in the past when visiting Janet, so we knew they had paddle boats and miniature golf. However, these activities were closed until Memorial Day :( . The boys still had fun on the playground.

They also invented games on the shuffle board courts, like “throw the rock on a specific number” and “Cody catch the boys”.

After days of rain and cold, this warm sunny day had lots of bugs swarming around. There were tons of these little inchworms everywhere that the boys called “hitch hikers”.

Cal was a little disappointed that he couldn’t eat one, but I reminded him of what the doctor said :P .

After the park we picked up Grandaddy and a couple of pizzas for an early dinner. We wanted to get the boys fed early, because as soon as Janet and Bob got home from work, it was horseback riding time! Bob used the tractor to haul all the tack down to the horse barn in the lower pasture.

boys on tractor

Cody loves the horses. I’m guessing he’s going to grow up riding if my sister has anything to do with it. She’s been horse-crazy her entire life.

Cody petting horse

boys on horses
Janet tried to teach them a few tricks, like “around the world”.

Cal backwards on horse

Cody and Grandma (and Grandaddy in the Tahoe behind them) spectated.

horse spectators

It was a really fun and LONG day. Today is our last day here in Lancaster/Charlotte. Our flight is late this afternoon. I am sad to leave, but I miss Chad and Chewie and I know the boys do too. Next post will be from back in Florida!

S’more Charlotte

March 28, 2011 at 7:41 pm

Today was a pretty low-key day here at Southern Comfort Farm. We pretty much just spent the day hanging out around the farm. I didn’t even take a shower and just wore sweats all day. Don’t tell anybody.

Thanks to going to the grocery yesterday I was able to have my standard eggbeaters (with onions and mushrooms) and Frank’s hot sauce for breakfast. Also, two of my Mom’s little banana nut muffins.

It seems like all I can manage to photograph now is my breakfast. Today was kind of just a grazing day for me anyway. Breakfast was really the only “meal” I had. Not that I didn’t eat…I surely did eat. Like all day long. But it’s hard to photograph small bites of things all day long. Maybe I’ll get back to posting my meals when I get back home and have my regular thing going on again. Maybe not.

Cal enjoyed feeding Cody today. It was an event.

Mostly, there was lots of just hanging out today.

And watching television that really wasn’t appropriate for the boys, like Matt Groening’s “Futurama”. I was assured several times that they KNEW what parts were not appropriate for them and that they would never repeat them. Um, okay. I bought it. They watched it. There goes my Mom of the Year award.

Much of the day was spent entertaining Cody.

And being entertained by Cody.


There were more adventures around the farm.

Grandma and Mack and the dogs (Bella and Sursi) played soccer in the yard.

I think it mostly ended being a game of keep-away from Sursi. Bella was more of a spectator.

The highlight of the day was a bonfire built by Bob. Mack had been waiting for the bonfire event since we arrived on the farm.


The bonfire was kind of a struggle. Everything was really wet after three days of rain.


But Bob is an expert bonfire builder. Many, many things have been burned on the farm. They burned their old sofa when they got a new one!


Maybe the excitement over the bonfire was really excitement for S’MORES :) .



They are blue because my Mom bought Easter bunny marshmallows (some were also yellow, pink or green).


I think they still tasted pretty good.


S’more Charlotte tomorrow!