Goodbye May

May 31, 2011 at 7:22 pm

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Hope!

My day started like this:

may 31 facebook

I was thinking I was not going to have time to bike to the gym, since Chewie and I had to wait for Chad to drive all the way home (and he had just gotten to work).


Luckily, Chad made it home pretty fast. I was able to quickly eat breakfast and change and bike to the gym in time for Bodyflow. Afterwards I biked home and showered and dressed as quickly as I could because I had to turn right around and head to the school for Cal’s class’ Family Appreciation Lunch. No make up and wet hair.


Which is actually how I look 95% of the time anyway. I’m not much of a makeup or hair girl. Mack and the many other younger siblings in Mrs. P’s class got to come up to Mrs. C’s class to watch the show. Mrs. P’s daughter is actually in Cal’s class too.


The first part of the show was a short presentation of biographies. Cal chose to present a biography of Jim Davis, the creator of the Garfield comic dynasty.


Jim Davis is definitely one of Cal’s heroes.


Some of the other famous people represented were Michael Jackson, Ghengis Kahn and Orville Wright (and like 400 others, but Cal was the second one to present so it was hard to pay attention after that).

After the biographies Mrs. C fed us all her homemade ziti and salad.


Awesome. (There you go Carissa) Thank you Mrs. C!

Then the class presented a production of Pandora’s box.


Cal played one of the miseries released when the box was open…old age.


After all the festivities were over I went home and was productive lazy until the kids got home via carpool. Then we hurried through our usual Tuesday routine…quick change clothes, jump in the car, eat snack in the car on the way to karate. I just dropped the boys off today so I could run a few errands.

Just now I let the boys go on the family evening walk without me. I’m not feeling it. I’m contemplating a sort of reset for tomorrow, June 1st.

Total exercise for today:

Walking: 2.3 miles
Biking: 6 miles
Bodyflow (yoga/tai chi/Pilates)

I have been riding the crest of the wave on exercise motivation lately, and I feel like it’s sort of starting to crash down again. I just DO NOT WANT TO RUN. Tomorrow is a run day but I don’t know if I’m going to do it. The past few weeks I have run to the gym, done Bodypump, then run home on Wednesdays. That sounds horrific right now. I would so much rather ride my bike to the gym. That’s probably what I’ll do. Sorry I’m rambling.

The only reason I’m really even thinking of running is that I have a 5K that I’m running with my friend Kathy on Saturday. But right now I’m thinking that I might skip tomorrow, run 3 miles on Thursday (no volunteering this week!) and then run Saturday and be done with running for the summer, at least for the most part.

The big reset I’m thinking of for June 1st is going to be with my eating. I have been doing really well in the exercise arena (riding that wave), but not so well in the eating arena. I do eat lots of good healthy food, I’ve just been eating too much and including lots of not-so-healthy food in there as well. So, starting tomorrow I am going to go back to posting ALL my food on my “I Eat” page, at least for a while. I may even decide to count calories for a while just to get back in the practice. I just need to be aware and accountable about my food again.

We’ll see how long it lasts.

Happy 7th Birthday Mack!

May 30, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Yesterday was Mack’s birthday and we had a great day celebrating from beginning to end.

There were two boxes that Chad said Mack could open first thing in the morning (while Chad was still sleeping). As soon as I got up Mack opened the box from my Mom first:

Mack BDay 2-1

Thanks for the awesome rain jackets Grandma and Grandaddy! (We are going to celebrate both boys birthdays with Grandma and Grandaddy in person when we see them later this summer…we like to stretch birthdays out as long as possible.)

Next was the box from Chad’s Aunt Kathie and Uncle Rog:

Mack BDay 2-3

Aunt Kathie knows what they like. Chewie always gets so excited when boxes and gifts are being opened. He has to get in on the fun.

Mack BDay 2-2

Mack requested to go to Tick Tock restaurant for his birthday breakfast. Since I got the waffle iron for Christmas we have not gone there as often as we used to, so I was happy to comply.

Mack BDay 1-1

Their slogan is, “It’s Time to Eat!”

Mack BDay 1-2

Mack chose French toast (I think it’s called “The Sponge Bob” on the menu) with sausage links and OJ.

Mack BDay 1-3

Cal also got The Sponge Bob, but with bacon and milk.

Mack BDay 1-4

I got an eggbeater omelet with spinach and feta, grits, and coffee.

Mack BDay 1-5

It looked too gross to photograph, but I cut up my omelet and dumped it onto my grits. It was awesome.

Mack BDay 1-18

After birthday breakfast Mack did NOT want to go to the gym with me as would be the usual on a Sunday, so I took the boys home and then I went to the gym for Bodypump without them.

On the way home from the gym I picked up Wendy’s for the special birthday lunch. Every meal is special on your birthday!

While I was at the gym Mack got to open the box from Gramma, Paw, Nana, and Uncle Brian and his cousins Hope and Grace (all our Lexington family).

Mack BDay 2-4

Mack BDay 2-5  Mack BDay 2-6

Mack BDay 2-7

Thank you AWESOME FAMILY! We love you all.

After lunch and showers and playing with new toys it was time to head to Mack’s birthday party at Planet Jump! Joey Z. rode with us.

Mack BDay 1-6

Mack BDay 1-7

This is the third year in a row that Mack has had his birthday party here.

Mack BDay 1-8

It’s cuh-RAZY with hyperactive kids running everywhere, but obviously they have a winning formula.

Mack BDay 1-10

I didn’t object at all to Mack having his party here again as it is really low-stress for the parents. The people at Planet Jump! handle everything for you, and they clean up all the mess.

Mack BDay 2-10

Mack BDay 2-11

Mack BDay 2-8

Who is taller?

Mack BDay 1-9

Mack BDay 2-12

Mack put on his game face:

Mack BDay 2-20

Mack BDay 2-13

Charlie’s Angels:

Mack BDay 2-9
Caroline + Carolyn + Caroline

Mack BDay 1-15

Time for cake!

Mack BDay 1-12

Mack BDay 1-11

That’s Harry Potter playing quidditch in case you can’t tell.

Mack BDay 1-13

Mack BDay 1-14

Mack BDay 2-14

Mack BDay 2-15

Mack BDay 2-16

And this is just for the grandparents:

Happy Birthday to you!

Mack BDay 2-17

Mack had a great time at his party, but his special day wasn’t over.

We had an after-party at our friends, the C.’s, house:

Mack BDay 1-17

Mack’s favorite food and his request for dinner…PIZZA!

Thank you Caroline & Lee for having us over. I think it was pretty obvious that the kids had a blast, and the grown-ups did too!

So today…Happy Memorial Day! I am not leaving the house today. I am staying in my pajamas all day today. Hooray! Chad is going to grill out later. He took the boys to Home Depot this morning to buy copper tubing and fittings to make Nerf blow-dart guns.

We were so busy yesterday that Mack didn’t get to open the gifts that he got from his friends at his party, so he opened them this morning.

Mack BDay 2-18

He got some great loot! He kept saying, “These people know what I like!” while he was opening things. He was thrilled. He’s been playing LEGOS all morning:

Mack BDay 2-19

Gramma Davis told Mack that he has a late box coming also, so he is happily stretching his birthday out waiting for that.

Off to watch piled up episodes of Bill Maher on my Tivo.