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June 30, 2011 at 7:23 pm

(Saturday, 6/25/11)

Grrrr. I woke up at 6:15 this morning and then couldn’t go back to sleep. Saturday is supposed to be my day to sleep in! I hate it when this happens. I know it’s because I’m getting old. My IRunMommies group runs at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings and I have never gone because I’m supposed to be getting my one day to sleep in. I think I’m going to have to reevaluate that and start running with them on Saturday mornings. So much for sleeping in.

My Fascinating Breakfast:


I was a worried about biking to the gym this morning because the weather forecast said 65% chance of rain at 9:00 a.m., right when I would be biking. The radar didn’t look too bad, however, so I decided to chance it.


No shadows today because it was so overcast. But I made it to the gym, dry (except for all the sweat, of course).

First up was my one “fast” mile on the treadmill. That was the plan, anyway. Three minutes into it at a 6.2 mph pace I accidentally hit and dislodged the little magnet safety thingy and my treadmill stopped. Bummer. I walked a bit until my breathing was normal and then started over.


So actually, I did 13 minutes at that pace. Whatever. I wasn’t feeling too bad near the end so I notched it up a bit (that’s why the treadmill says 6.5 above). I think next time I’ll start at 6.2 and jack it up to 6.3 at half a mile.

Next up was 30 minutes on the elliptical. I love having more time at the gym on Saturday mornings.


Finally, bodyflow. My favorite part, savasana…


I like being by the windows in the sun because then I sweat even more. I was very happy in bodyflow that I was able to do everything, including tricep pushups, crocodile, cobra and upward facing dog without any pain in my wrist or arm. It still hurts a little, but I think I’ll be ready for bodypump tomorrow.

There were some ominous looking clouds on my bike ride home…


but I made it without encountering a drop of rain. Just in the nick of time too because it started thundering soon after I got home.

While I was at the gym, Chad and the boys were out running around all morning doing various errands. One of the things they did was go to the public library system’s annual book sale at the main library. Chad texted me that they got 25 books and 12 comics for $7.00! Awesome.

Once home, I did some laundry (shocker) and just chilled. I actually got ALL the laundry that was clean and dry PUT AWAY. No more laundry parfait! Well, at least for now. I’m sure I’ll get a new one started just as soon as the stuff that is currently in the washer is dry. I confess that I kind of snapped at Cal the last time he asked me if he had any clean underwear. After telling him to get them out of the basket in the kitchen multiple times (and being asked for washcloths, socks, etc. multiple times and giving directions to the basket in the kitchen) I was annoyed that he hadn’t figured that out yet! Then I felt bad and I guess that was the catalyst to finally put all of the things away.  Bad mommy moment .

Lunch was a ham sandwich and Smartfood popcorn. I waited too long to have lunch and by the time I did decide to eat I was so hungry that I couldn’t wait long enough to make a salad. Shoving popcorn in my mouth while I made a ham sandwich was the quickest thing I could think of. I didn’t take a picture of it. It was a ham sandwich and you probably know what Smartfood looks like. Why do I think that a bowl of bran flakes is photo-worthy, but a ham sandwich is not? Isn’t that obvious? Duh.

I’m going to have to do another “reset” like I did June 1st. After tracking my food on my “I Eat” page for a week I was back on track and my eating was really good for about two weeks. Then we had the Tradewinds staycation and ever since then my eating has not been as good as it should be. I think I’ve been mostly making up for it with my excessercising, but definitely not making a dent in the 10-15 pounds that are keeping my skinniest jeans from fitting.

However, I’m not starting any “reset” right now or tomorrow. Super fun plans tonight and tomorrow night, involving friends, food, and libations of course. So at least until Monday I’ll just keep excessercising and ignoring my skinniest jeans. Only crazy people wear jeans in the summer in Florida anyway. My spandex workout clothes fit just fine.

Ricotta and Spinach Chicken Roll-ups

June 29, 2011 at 6:12 pm

[Friday, 6/24/11]

Tonight I made the most delicious dinner. Our house smells like garlic and Italian herbs in the best way possible right now.

The other day I was walking around the meat department in Publix trying to figure out what I would make for dinner on Friday (today). I am usually inspired by the protein and go from there. I noticed that the thin-sliced Purdue chicken breasts were on sale.


That reminded me of this recipe for Cordon Bleu style chicken that I had seen on Roni Noone’s food website, GreenLiteBites. I knew I had leftover ricotta cheese at home from ravioli lasagna last week, as well as spinach and ham. I decided to adapt her recipe and make an Italian version of the chicken roll-ups.

Even though the chicken breasts were already pretty thinly sliced, Cal helped me bang them out very flat.


Next, I took my half-full container of ricotta and added a small squirt of the tube garlic and a bigger squirt of the tube Italian herbs. I filled the container the rest of the way up with the grated cheese and mixed everything well.


Next, spread the ricotta mixture on the pounded chicken.


Next, a layer of spinach.


Then ham.


Then roll up the chicken, starting with the skinnier end. Don’t worry about stuff hanging out or oozing out. It doesn’t matter.


Roll the roll-up in egg. If you roll in the same direction that you rolled up the roll-up it won’t come unrolled. Got it? You really don’t need to use a toothpick or anything to secure the roll up.


Next, roll in bread crumbs. (again, roll in the same direction, etc.).


I made my own breadcrumbs, like Roni, using my Magic Bullet. I just used a couple of slices of whole wheat bread which I toasted a little first to dry them out a bit. Then I tore them into pieces and put them in my Magic Bullet (you could also use a food processor or mini-chopper) with a little onion powder, garlic power, dried Italian herbs and dried parsley. You could also just use store-bought breadcrumbs or whatever you want.

Arrange all the roll-ups in a baking dish that has been sprayed with Pam, flap-side down.


Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

Oh man, they came out PERFECT.


I also roasted some cauliflower. I tossed a whole head of cauliflower with about two tablespoons of Garlic Gold (which I found in the Greenwise section at Gateway Publix) and a little Nature’s Seasoning (salt/pepper mixture).


This is seriously the best cauliflower I have ever tasted.


The boys’ dinner:


The boys’ dinner after I cut up their chicken so that it actually looks like a decent amount of food:


Chad and I also had this for dinner and everybody loved it. Every bite of everything got eaten. There is nothing to dump on my salad tomorrow. I guess that is a successful dinner!