Swimming laps in a purple cap

June 24, 2011 at 5:34 pm

[written Monday, June 20]

This is the beginning of a great week. It’s a camp week! The first camp week of the summer. We only have two camps lined up for each boy this summer. I have learned from the past that scheduling too many camps makes the summer seem just like the school year. Less is more. Really, one camp per month is perfect, given all the other fun things we like to do during the summer. We don’t want to be overscheduled.

So Cal is in St. Pete College for Kids this week. St. Pete College does this camp all summer and Cal did it for one week a couple of summers ago. This year, when he learned that some of his friends were doing CFK this week, he asked if he could do it too. I agreed.


They take classes on a variety of subjects and also get “P.E.” every day (and lunch and free time and plenty of play time). All I heard about today is that one of Cal’s classes is “Polish class”. He learned how to say “dictionary” in Polish. Don’t ask me how.

I gave Mack the choice of either also doing College for Kids, or doing karate camp this week. Our karate school does camps all summer, so like CFK, it is very flexible and you can just pick which week you want to do. Mack chose karate camp, so after dropping Cal off at CFK I took Mack to Superkicks.


They play games, work on their kata and other karate stuff, have lunch, play more games, do more karate, have snacks, etc. On Friday they go swimming. Both boys have done this camp before several times and they love it.

Once I got home from taking both boys to camp I decided to go for a run, hoping to get it in before the heat was unbearable. I carried my two small water bottles that hook onto my fanny pack sports belt, worried that I might die with no water.


I think I was too late to beat the heat. I left at 8:30 and it was already oppressive. The stats are on my “Still Running” page and I kept it under 12 minute miles, but it was miserable. There was walking (where I paused my Garmin) involved. In all, I ran 3.5 miles. How do people run in this weather?


If I look miserable above, it’s because I was.

After I cooled off and showered I was finally ready to eat breakfast. Due to late-night eating lately (bad! must stop!) I haven’t been dying for breakfast right away. I do have my first two cups of coffee immediately, but then I save my third cup to have with my breakfast a little later. I’d say it was around 10 a.m. when I had breakfast.

Yay for new flowers from my man last weekend! Just because.


After breakfast I worked on laundry (I’ve been behind on laundry ever since the Tradewinds…how a one-night staycation can totally make me have piled up laundry I’ll never understand).


I hang up all the bathing suits and swim shirts to dry, then I just leave them in the laundry closet because they are easy-access and we use them so often. So the bathing suits are pretty much either hanging in the closet or over the porch railings all summer.


After working on laundry I ate some Chex Mix for “lunch”. After eating a late, big breakfast I wasn’t really hungry by lunch time, so I just had a snack before heading out on my next adventure…swimming!


Why the stupid purple swim cap? I don’t know. I bought it today at the pool. I got flustered when the guy asked if purple was okay and I said sure. They had a bunch of different colors. Why did I say okay???

I have been dying to swim laps for a month, but it is surprisingly hard to find a place to swim here. Really, the only place I know of is North Shore Pool. Or the YMCA if you are a member. All of the other public pools in northeast St. Pete do not have lanes set up for lap swimming during public swim hours.

I had been thinking I would take the boys to North Shore and swim laps while they play, but it hadn’t happened yet. We have been going to Fossil Park because the kids love the high dive and it is closer to our other friends’ house. Anyway, since I had no boys today I decided it would be a good day to go swim all by myself and not have to worry about them at all.

It felt glorious to swim. Like biking, swimming hardly feels like exercise to me. I did 100 lengths (25 yard lengths) in about an hour. That’s 2500 yards, or 1.42 miles. To make it easy to keep track of my laps, I do a 400 IM, but make up my own stroke order. I do 100 breast, 100 free, 100 back and 100 fly, in that order. So that’s 16 lengths, then I do that 6 times, which is a total of 96 lengths. Then the last four lengths I do a 100 IM slowly (like leisurely, in the same stroke order) to cool down.

I devised this method of doing laps years ago and I’ve always stuck with it. It just makes the counting so easy to keep up with. Plus, I like doing all of the strokes. I did swim team as a kid and have always loved swimming for exercise. I wish my boys would do swim team, but they are not interested. They are strong swimmers, but it bugs me that they don’t really know the proper way to do the strokes. Oh well…maybe I should teach them? Nah.

I finished swimming just in time to go pick Cal up from his camp at 2:30. Technically Mack can stay at karate camp until 6:00, or until his belt-level class for that day is over, but he decided he wouldn’t stay for a class today. They will both do their regular classes on Tues/Thurs this week, but today we picked Mack up at 3:00 and all came home.

I made the boys read for a half hour when we got home. Right now Cal is reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. He started it a while ago and then forgot about it and now Chad says he has to finish it. We’re hoping it will help with the “annoying” factor that seems to accompany being almost ten years old. Mack is reading the second Harry Potter book. Cal read them all, starting when he was in 2nd grade, and Chad then read the first book out loud to them both last year. Mack is psyched to be reading them on his own now.

For dinner I made a roast pork loin (pre-marinated with BBQ flavor).

dinner and chewie-1

Roasted potatoes on the side.

dinner and chewie-2

Served with steamed broccoli.

dinner and chewie-3

When Chad got home we went for our hot and steamy evening walk. Chewie’s post-walk posture pretty much sums up how I feel about the weather.

dinner and chewie-4

I want to be a snow-bird and fly away to Canada.