I’m hoarding the chocolate

October 31, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Happy Halloween!

Mary and me-1

It was raining this morning, so we couldn’t walk to school. I had tentatively planned to bike to the pool and swim today, but it was raining most of the morning, so today ended up being a non-exercise day. Well, I take that back. I got a full-body workout in by cleaning both of the bathrooms.

Ooh, sparkly!

I also did laundry and bundled Box Tops for the school.

Then I ran a couple of errands. First, I went by Feet First to check out some Adidas Adistar Salvation running shoes.

My cousin works for Adidas and she can get me an awesome discount, so I wanted to check them out first. They are the top of the line Adidas stability running shoes. I liked them, so I might give them a try. I’m always on the hunt for the magical shoes that will work with my wonky feet and make running easy.Yeah, I don’t think those magical shoes exist either.

Next up was Target.

It’s all Christmas all over Target already.

They had an awesome deal on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (my favorite)! $3 off per bag! I bought four bags. I’m tempted to go back and buy some more. I rarely drink my favorite DD anymore because it is so expensive. I usually buy whatever premium coffee is on sale or BOGO.

They also had pomegranates…the first ones I have seen all season. Oh, how I have missed pomegranates. I’m so sad after the winter when they disappear from the stores. They were expensive, but I bought one.

Last errand…the bank.

Oops, that was almost the last errand. On the way home I stopped by the school to drop off the bundled Box Tops. After that I got detoured by whatever work they are doing on one of the canal bridges on our route…we’re thinking (hoping) they are just repaving since they have recently repaved all the streets around there.

I clocked the detour the other day, and it should only add a little over a tenth of a mile to our walk to school in the morning. I’m actually not even sure if the walking path next to the bridge will be blocked off or not.

Once home I made an awesome salad for lunch, topped with pumpkin seeds that Chad roasted last night after our carving session.

He used Dale’s Seasoning (which is like 99% salt) and a little olive oil and they turned out super delicious.

While I ate lunch I watched the end of the season premiere of Project Accessory.
project accessory

I think I am going to love this show even more than Project Runway. It’s all crafty, and I like crafty. Make a necklace, belt and handbag out of garbage? Awesome.

Next I picked the boys up from school, then headed home. Halfway home Mack said, “Mom, what about my doctor’s appointment?” Oops! I totally blanked on that. So we turned around and headed to the doctor. Luckily, it’s close by so we were only ten minutes late. Mack has a wart on his foot which we lovingly refer to as his sixth toe. Cal has an endless supply of jokes about this sixth toe. Chad said I couldn’t put a picture of it on the blog (but honey, it’s so fascinating!), but you can’t really see it here, can you?

All of the office staff and the pediatrician were in costume. So cool. Also, each boy got one rubber glove and a Halloween goody bag. They were in an extremely happy mood to be at the doctor’s office on Halloween.

This is the second time the doctor has given Mack’s wart the freezing treatment. If it doesn’t work this time we will have to go see a dermatologist. Being a parent isn’t as glamorous as you thought, huh?

When we got home Mack presented Chewie with a gift that his teacher gave him today.

She said she has had it forever and found it under her bed and thought he would appreciate it.

Thank you Mrs. F!

Mack also brought this home today:

What’s better than macaroni art?

Now we are chilling before we have an early dinner and head out for tricks and treats with the Z’s. I hope you get lots of chocolate!

Halloween Turtles Past Sunday

October 30, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Last night we went to a Halloween party hosted by our friends, the Turtles.

Yes, their name is Turtle and they dressed as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Really the only thing surprising about that is that we have known them for 20 years and this is the first year that they dressed as turtles.

Chad went to Eckerd College here in St. Pete with Jesse and Mila and all of his college friends were our first friends when we moved here after law school in 1994. All these guys are Eckerd boys…

We used to have all adult parties back in the day, then it turned into little kid parties, and now it’s adult and big kid parties. It’s crazy when we get together now a couple of times a year and we see how much the kids have grown.

A Few Turtle Halloween Parties Past

2001, Cal’s first Halloween. I look like the most haggard mother of a two month old ever.

2002, Cal as the flamboyant spaceman and me as Princess Leia.

2003, Cal as Captain Feathersword (to his utter mortification now, he was the biggest Wiggles fan ever):

2004, most of these kids were at the party last night. Most of them are teenagers now. We are so old.

Mack at the Turtles’ in 2004 (his first Halloween):

2006, I’m not sure what I was here, but at least we dressed up!
20061028-Turtle Halloween 2006

The Turtles have great Halloween decorations. I should have taken more photographs of all of it20111029-IMG_4942

and everyone contributed some good food (this was just a very small portion of the food that was there).

Hanging out at the Turtles’ is like visiting family for us.

Cal kept himself entertained…

until he reconnected with an old friend with similar interests.

Mack also hooked up with an old friend with similar interests and Snake Eyes and Wolverine battled most of the night. They must have been pretty evenly matched, seeing as how they are both good guys and all (but Mack did tell me that Wolverine is kind of bad because he did cuss in one X-men movie).

I wasn’t the only Sookie there. I have insane eyes and a diabolical smile in this picture. Maybe I was thinking that two Sookies was one too many. I look like I am going to continue wrapping my arm around her chin and then snap her neck. And I wasn’t drinking…only water all night.

We had a great time, as always, at the Turtles’ Halloween party. Thank you Turtles!

This morning the boys and I went to Einstein Bros. for breakfast.

My favorite bagel-thin breakfast sandwich was on special!

We got a treat for Chewie.

We love Einstein’s!
Cal and Mack at Einsteins reduced-1


Next up was the gym. First, an hour on the elliptical.

Being my obsessive self, I paused the machine at 59:59 for a picture.

At one hour it resets the timer and starts a five minute cool-down (which I don’t do), but I must have photographic evidence of my one hour elliptical torture. I tried to set the timer to give me a 62 minute workout (so the clock wouldn’t reset at one hour) but it said that time setting was against the gym rules. I guess you are technically only allowed one hour on the cardio machines. Who knew?

It also bothers me that when you hit pause it shows the resistance as “1” (I always set it on 10), and doesn’t show your average strides per minute (I try to keep it over 100). Why do I care about these things? I realize logically that nobody else cares, but my crazy excessercising lizard brain does. That’s the same part of my brain that considers an hour of ellipticalizing and then an hour of Bodypump as a suitable “rest” day after a long run day.


When we got home Mack gave Chewie his doggy bagel.

Chewie immediately became super possessive of it and went and hid under my desk to eat it in peace. I guess he was happy with it.

This afternoon we popped the popcorn on the cob that Gramma Davis sent us in her Halloween box.


You stick the cob in the bag it comes with, fold over the end of the bag a couple of times, then microwave for two minutes.

It was kind of disappointing that you can’t actually see the popcorn popping off the cob, but it was pretty cool.

The boys thought the popcorn was delicious. Thank you Gramma!

I know that this is the post that just won’t end…but still more fascinating stuff happened this afternoon. We went over to our BFF’s/neighbor’s, the Z’s, house to carve pumpkins. I could also pull out photos of us doing this together for the last ten years, but I’ll spare you that (maybe next year).

Cal’s bumpy pumpkin proved to be uncarve-able, at least without power tools. I could barely get a knife in it. It was like sticking a knife into concrete.

Luckily Val had an extra pumpkin that she let us have for Cal. Thank you Val!

The boys scooped out the guts.



But of course, the Moms did most of the work, as always.



Mack requested an Angry Bird.

Cal requested Finn from Adventure Time.


Not too bad considering I just did them both free-hand with no pattern, huh?

Oh well, I’m pretty proud of them. We’ll see them all lit up tomorrow. You can’t carve pumpkins much ahead of time here in Florida because of our still-warm days. You end up with a pile of fuzzy mush pretty quickly.

Chad is making salmon for dinner and it’s smelling delish. Bye.