Last day of hurricane season

November 30, 2011 at 7:49 pm

Yay for six years in a row with no hurricanes making landfall in Florida! I can’t believe it will be December tomorrow.

My 5-miler last night went much better than my run on Saturday. I didn’t have any of the strange “burning shin” thing happening. My new Adidas running shoes felt great. I had no pain in my knees doing lunges in Bodyflow today, so that is a true testament to the shoes. I often have some knee pain when doing lunges the day after running. There was a bit of walking mixed in, but overall, I was happy with the run, especially compared to Saturday when I basically couldn’t run much at all. The stats for both runs will be on my “Still Running” page whenever I get around to updating it.

I need to cut out the unnecessary walking on my runs. I KNOW that I don’t really need the walking interludes, but then again, I often manage to talk myself into a “why not just walk a little?” attitude while running. Last night when every grain of my psyche was telling me to WALK, I took a mental assessment of my physical body. I wasn’t breathing very hard. My legs didn’t hurt or feel heavy. I couldn’t figure out WHY my mind wanted me to walk so badly. It just did. Running is 95% mental, truly.

This morning was a chilly walk to school. Mack and I bundled up, but Cal ditched his coat after one block, declaring himself “burning up”.

Maybe his hair has really good insulating properties?

On the walk this morning I determined that Chewie’s digestive system seems to be back to normal (I won’t elaborate), so he was allowed to re-enter the boys’ room when we got home. After being banned from hanging out in there for a couple of days, he was so happy. He went right to his favorite spot…Mack’s pillow.

I had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, flipped some laundry, then biked to the gym.

Notice that I didn’t say that I quickly ate breakfast so that I could get to the gym in time for spin class. I decided that walking, biking and Bodypump were enough for today. Right? Right? Thanks for the comments yesterday…I know that I have disordered thoughts towards exercise and food. I just do.

I wore shorts, a zipper hoodie and gloves, but I was pretty cold for the first mile on the bike. After that it was fine. I biked extra hard to warm up.

I think everyone else thought it was too cold to bike to the gym today. Floridians are such cold weather wimps (me included).

There were some ladies selling jewelry at the gym this morning. Instead of using the ten extra minutes I had before pump on the elliptical, I went shopping. I actually bought a few gifts for some very special people from these ladies.

Then I Bodypumped. That guy behind me is super nice and is one of my “gym friends”. However, since he noticed me taking a picture, that may change. Nah. He’s cool.

When I got home there were big utility trucks in front of my house.

They were there all day long. This guy gave me the evil eye for photographing them.

Whatever, it’s my house.

After I ate lunch I ran out to the small-box hardware store for some Xmas light-hanging supplies. I love this hardware store so I always try to support them when I can. They are only about half a mile away from both a Home Depot and a Lowe’s, so I worry about how long they will survive.

I just realized that I forgot to edit most of these pictures. Thus you get to see my acne in the above photo. Yes, I love Photoshop. I usually do a really quick crop, contrast, brighten thing to most of my photos…and fix my acne.

When I took the picture below, the cute, barely-legal looking, check-out guy says, “Oh yeah…you have a blog, right?”

He remembered me from the last time I took pictures of my random home-improvement purchases. I did feel famous for about a second, but no. I’m just the weird blog-lady to him.

After Ace I picked the boys up from school and we headed out to the storage unit to get the rest of the Christmas decorations. Mack likes to work the big lock.

I may have acquiesced to driving down to the end of the corridor with the boys hanging out of the car like this with the slider doors open. If they let me put them on the blog…

Once we got home and finished homework, Mack had a friend over to play.

They played while I hung Christmas lights.


Cal helped me screw in the cup hooks (which went into the previous 15 years worth of staple-gun holes very nicely) and hang the lights.

I got about 80% of the lights hung, so I’ll hold off on a picture of them until I’m finished. Be prepared to be impressed. Well, now I’m worried that I’ve built it up too much.

We saw lots of Christmas lights on our family evening walk tonight.

That’s all I got.

Suck it in Tuesday

November 29, 2011 at 5:45 pm

Yesterday was not blog-worthy. I did walk the boys to school, but that’s about it. I had to stay home and wait for the cable guy to show up, so I used that as an excuse to do very little. I did some laundry and cleaned up the kitchen. Sorry that I didn’t take pictures of that. We didn’t get a family evening walk in either, as it was raining.

I’m just having a really hard time staying motivated right now. Since the Women’s Half Marathon, all I’ve wanted to do is watch television and eat. I have managed to do bits of exercise here or there, but only a small fraction of what I was doing before the half. You can look at my training/workout calendar to see what I mean.

I keep reminding myself that there is still over a month of holiday season left, and if I would like to be able to wear my jeans throughout the “winter” (or what there is of it in Florida), then I can’t just be lazy and pig out for over a month. Also, there is that pesky Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon that I am registered for in February to keep in mind.

I was determined to be less slug-like today, so I biked to the gym (first time biking since the half).

The rain we had yesterday brought with it some nice cool, crisp air for today. I love it when it’s sunny and chilly.

First I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, but the stupid badly-designed “pause/reset” button issue happened again, so I have no proof.

I managed to completely clear off my Google Reader while ellipticalizing!

Of course, that included marking hundreds of blog posts as “read” when in fact they were not. I’m sorry food blogs. I love you, but you didn’t make the cut and I wanted a clean reader.

After a week of pigging out, I was feeling pretty bloated. When I overeat I feel and see it immediately in my jiggly belly.

But this is my blog, so you will generally see me sucking it in as hard as I can.

Sucking it in versus letting it all out:
suck it in-1

The ultra-flattering downward shot versus the more realistic straight-on shot:
suck it in-2

Sucking it in versus not sucking it in at Bodyflow:
suck it in-3


After I biked home from the gym and showered I flipped some laundry, ate lunch, then went to Publix.

Seeing the Christmas trees there made me want to get our decorations up.

I’m just not sure when that is going to happen. I am getting that “I’m way behind” feeling already. Tomorrow is the last day of November! So much to do. So much fun stuff to do.

I’m thinking there is no way that my excessercising bug is going to return before the new year. There are just too many roadblocks. My Mom is coming to visit next week and will be staying with the boys for a few days while Chad and I have a little mini-vacation. Then the boys will be out of school a week after that. Then it will actually be Christmas. Then we are going on a real vacation to visit family. My lizard brain knows all these things and just can not get with the idea of busting ass on the in-between days.

My rationalization plan is that I am going to keep up with my running training plan, Bodyflow (twice a week) and Bodypump (3X a week with one being Pump Express/CXWorx). Those are the most important things to me. I am going to try to not stress about the fact that I’m not biking or spinning or ellipticalling or swimming, although I may do those things occasionally. I don’t know. I’m just feeling so blah about all of it.

That being said, tonight is a running night. The plan says to run five miles, so that’s what I’m going to do. I am somewhat more motivated than I would otherwise have been because of these:

My awesome cousin Carrie works for Adidas and hooked me up with a great deal.

Such a good deal, that I had to get two pairs! This is the Adistar Salvation 3, Adidas’ top of the line running shoe for over-pronators. I went to a running store and tried them on beforehand and they felt nice. I’ve never really been into Adidas sneakers, but now that I have a connection, I’m really excited about trying them. Thanks Carrie!

I have like 40 first cousins (I could figure it out exactly, but don’t feel like it right now). My Mom was one of ten children. There are so many of us that several of us share names. My name is Melinda Caroline and I was named after my great-grandmother who was Caroline Melinda, but was called Carrie. So I have always felt a special “cousin-ness” with my cousin Carrie and my other cousin Melinda, since we all share great-grandmother McCollum’s name. I was a teenager when both of them were born, so the fact that they are now adults with real lives makes me feel super old.

What am I rambling about now?

This afternoon was karate, Target, post office. Now I have to go finish dinner, then family evening walk with Chad and the boys and Mr. Pooper, then running. Cya.