Blogging in my car Tuesday

January 31, 2012 at 5:36 pm

This morning I walked the boys to school then went for a five mile run. It was great. I ran the whole distance and my average pace was 11:49 minutes/mile. I have committed to running Ragnar Florida Keys next January, and the team’s average pace has to be under 11 minutes/mile. While I could be slower than that and my speedy teammates could easily make up the difference, I really want to pull my own weight (literally) and try to get my long run pace down to 11 minutes/mile. I have almost a year to do it! Ragnar Florida Keys 2013 is January 4th-5th. Yikes. I guess I am really committed to continue running. I’m very excited about being part of this team, though. Of course it is all IRunMommies, an additional team to the mostly IRunMommies team that ran this year.

Speaking of those inspiring women, they won the Facebook video contest! Thank you so much to all of you who voted for their video. I am going to share the love and pimp you guys out individually (those that commented on my begging post yesterday), but right now I am sitting in my car while the boys are in karate and don’t have internet access. I promise I’m going to do it, though, and soon! There were 40 videos submitted for the contest, so the fact that the Marathon MILFs won is really amazing. I’m so proud of all of them. My friend Kelly and her husband made the video themselves and they had never made an edited video like that before. They spent many many hours on it and learned the program as they went. It turned out so awesome.

After I got back from my run this morning I ate breakfast then headed to the gym for Bodyflow.


Afterwards, when I got back in my car, I found this rolling around on the floorboard:


I have no idea where it came from or how long it has been rolling around my car. I figured fate sent it to me, so I ate it.

I had a couple of errands to run before heading home. First up was Target. Awesome parking karma.


Then Publix.


I was working from four different lists, which is not a very efficient method of shopping.


I got the ingredients to make Lamb with Mushroom Barley Risotto in the crockpot, using a recipe from my favorite food magazine, Clean Eating.


This is the only magazine to which I subscribe, and I will continue to keep renewing. I always know I can find many recipes I want to try in every issue. I love that the Jan./Feb. issue had a whole section of slow-cooker recipes. I’m trying to get in the habit of making a crock pot recipe every Tuesday, because we get home from karate too late to spend much time cooking.

When I got home I prepped everything and got it in the crock pot before I had to go pick up the boys from school. Lamb+mushrooms+onions+garlic+rosemary+balsamic reduction. My house smelled amazing when the boys and I walked back in.


Okay, home from karate now. The house smelled even more amazing when we walked in this time. So nice to have dinner basically all ready. I’m eating it right now.


Yum. I may start pouring balsamic vinegar reduction all over everything from now on. It also has parmesan cheese, lemon zest and a ton of arugula, all added at the last minute. I love it. The boys say that they like it, but they are never a fan of lemon zest in recipes. I still use it, though, because I like it and they can just deal. Chad will have the same criticism, I’m sure. He’ll be home momentarily then we’ll head out on the family evening walk.


Clean up the house Monday

January 30, 2012 at 5:10 pm

I posted really early yesterday, so a couple of fascinating things happened after I posted.

Chad took Cal out in the backyard to shoot his “real” compound bow and arrows that he got for Christmas. Our backyard is really just a sand pit. Chewie likes to dig holes everywhere back there.


This freaks me out. Chewie must be in the house. Cal is not allowed to ever play with it unless Chad is with him. I fear for the neighbors. He’s actually pretty good with it.

Mack worked on his “100th Day of School” crown.


They were supposed to cover it with 100 things. 100 anythings. He chose to cover it with 100 things he loves.


I love that he included “running”.


This morning we walked to school, then as soon as I had eaten breakfast and had my coffee, I got to work cleaning the house. I mentioned yesterday that our house was a mess but that I had no motivation to do anything about it. Soon thereafter, I learned that we are going to be hosting a small Superbowl party. Motivation!

I’ve basically written this exact post before, but the house just keeps getting messy again, so what are you going to do?

First I cleaned the kitchen and folded all the laundry. I always feel like I can’t clean anything else unless the kitchen and laundry are done.


Next, I tackled the dining room. There is my shame, the stupid Christmas tree still up. At least it is still January. Before:


I know that I earlier said that I needed Chad’s help to wrangle the Christmas tree back into it’s box, but it turns out…not so much. Don’t worry though, Chad. I still need you for plenty of other things, like bringing home the bacon.

Next up was the entranceway. Before:


The den…before:


Another angle of the den, showing what was the messiest part of the whole process, Cal’s corner of the couch and end table…before:


This is where all my work-out gear lives, before:


So the kitchen and great room are now neat and tidy if not really clean. I still need to dust, sweep and clean the floors, but if feels so much better. I did end up with three big boxes of toys in the hallway that need to be dealt with.


Behind that biggest box you can see the rest of the ceiling panels for the kitchen light that I STILL have not finished updating.


Back in October when I started that project I asked for guesses as to when I would finish it and I think the longest one was by Christmas. Nope. You guys overestimate me. The light still looks like this:



Besides dusting and floors, I still need to clean the bathroom and if time permits, straighten up the boys’ room a bit. It is beyond. Way beyond. So bad that I might not even post a picture of it. Nah, I’ll probably show you. But only if there is an “after” in the works. Mack did just clean all the toys off the top of his bed so that I can wash the sheets. He barely had room to sleep on that double bed because there were so many toys on there.

I got all of that done before it was time to go pick up the boys. I did run by my favorite small box hardware store to get some supplies to fix the shelf below our coffee table, which is missing one screw.


That was a big fail. What I bought didn’t work and they didn’t have what I actually need. Looks like I am going to have to go to one of the big box hardware stores, or maybe even a furniture repair store. That coffee table may never get fixed. We have lived with a 3/4 supported shelf on it for quite a while now, so I guess it doesn’t much matter. That’s how we roll around here, obviously, considering we have lived with only one bathroom in a two bathroom house for years now.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for the Marathon MILF’s Ragnar video! I’m going to wait a couple of days, then I’m going to give all you guys a huge shout-out. I love my bloggy friends (and all my non-runner IRL friends who took the time to vote also)! Next year it might be MY video you are voting for, because I have joined a newly formed team for Ragnar Florida Keys 2013! I can’t wait.

Time to go make dinner. I’m thinking it’s going to be hot dogs and frozen veggies. I can’t clean AND cook in the same day. Geez.