Swim Meet, Yoga, Pedicure, Social Media Day

June 30, 2012 at 9:22 pm

This is a long one because lots of stuff has happened in the last 24 hours. As usual, I like to pack in the activities.

Last night the boys had a swim meet.


My friend Tanya…


talked me into volunteering to be a timer with her.


Warm up:



Then I had to line up with these other volunteer timers:


and couldn’t take many pictures while recording times every heat.


But it was fun to hang out with Tanya and we got to see our own kids swim in nearby lanes. It was a pretty easy job and the meet went by quickly. There were three teams competing and they only did 25 yd. breast stroke and 25 yd. backstroke in each age/gender division, then 100 yd. freestyle relays by age/gender. Our kids did great!


When we got home Chad had just returned from going on a (lonely) family evening walk with just Chewie. I know that Chewie really appreciated it. It was soon time for bed for the boys and Chad and I enjoyed an evening of some of our favorite shows returning: Awkward, Louis, and Wilfred. Great night of television.

This morning I was up really early…


so that I could make it to an early yoga event in Tampa.

Baptiste workshop

I downed a cup of coffee at home and took one for the road. I stopped by St. Pete Bagel Company on the way to pick up my friend Paula.


Upon checking in on Yelp I discovered that I got a free bagel!


I’m telling you (for the fiftieth time)…Yelp is awesome! You gotta get on there.

After getting my bagel I picked up Paula and we headed to Lululemon Athletica in Hyde Park in Tampa.



I had never been to this Lululemon store before, but I love Hyde Park. The store was really nice.



Several of my Tampa Bay Lady Blogger friends were there. Hi Rachel!



Also great to see you Diana and Mary (sorry I missed you Dee)!

The workshop was two hours of Baptiste philosophy…


with intervals of power yoga mixed in. This is me after about fifty downward facing dogs, chatarangas…vinyasas…just trying to keep up. The instructor was moving fast and was very funny.


What Paula and I mostly took away from the workshop was that we need to be vigilant about our posture. Shoulders back, zipper up. We really enjoyed it. Thank you Lululemon Athletica Hyde Park and Baptiste ladies!

When we came out of Lululemon there was a table set up by FitLife foods with breakfast #2.



It was Greek yogurt, a peanut butter granola bar, and fruit.


Thanks FitLife foods!

After I took Paula home I ran by my house to drop off my yoga stuff and get my Kindle then headed out to the nail salon still in my yoga clothes.


By this time most of the sweat had dried so it was okay. Don’t judge. Yoga clothes are comfy.


I haven’t had a pedicure in forever. I can’t remember the last time but I’m sure it’s been over a year. This is my favorite nail salon in St. Pete.


My feet really needed to be scrubbed. It was awesome.


Yoga + pedicure. Relaxing morning.

After I got home the relaxation portion of the day ended. Chad was heading out for an overnight poker night with his buddies, and I was now on boy duty. After they had quiet time and reading we headed out to event number two of the day…

social media day logo

I saw this event publicized on Twitter and Facebook, and when I read that it was at a Channelside park in Tampa and that they were going to have carnival style games and food trucks I decided that it would be a good afternoon activity for the boys and me.

So back across the Gandy Bridge I went for the second time today.


Hello Tampa, long-time no-see.




Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park:




The first thing we did at the Social Media Day meet-up was visit a few of the local/social-minded vendors and play some carnival games.



Mack did hopscotch and the boys got a lollipop.

I saw my friend Debbie (who I met IRL for the first time at the TBLB book club meeting last Wednesday). I should have gotten a picture with her, but here she is…


Well, part of her and the stuffed animal she won from another vendor (Class B printing)…



Mack also won a tiger and Cal won a Social Media Day t-shirt.


My Yelp friends were also there!


The boys liked playing Yelp roulette and getting lots of Yelp swag.



One of the first things we spied when we got to the event at the park was the food trucks in attendance.


It was pretty hot out there, so I let the boys get some lemon Italian ice from Tasty Stacy.


We walked around the waterfront while they ate their Italian ices.





We visited every single vendor…thanks for this one Tupieta Design & Branding:


I’m also demonstrating improper or “no” form (as the Baptiste lady would say) for chair pose in that one.

We also visited the restrooms in the Marriott nearby. Even though we didn’t ask for permission, I think they were happy for us to come into their beautiful lobby and use their lovely restrooms (real individual terry cloth towels to dry your hands!).


After walking around Channelside a little…



we worked up an appetite and visited the other food truck, Wicked Wiches.



We decided to get one “Fish & Chips” and one order of “Fried Pickles” and share everything as our dinner.


One entrée and one appetizer was plenty for the three of us. The fish sandwich was huge and delicious.


The fried pickles with chipotle ranch dipping sauce were awesome also.


They sure do have good deep fryers on those food trucks.


We sat in the shade and enjoyed our early dinner.


It was a fun (and hot) afternoon. We headed home and just relaxed until the boys’ bedtime. Cal started complaining about not feeling well on the way home and I’m afraid he has a migraine. I’m hoping he will be able to sleep it off. Daddy’s out tonight, but he’s on duty all day tomorrow after noon. I have two really fun back to back events tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Smashed pinky Friday

June 29, 2012 at 3:38 pm

This morning Mack asked if I could make pancakes for breakfast. We are out of any kind of mix, so I just made them from scratch. I used the recipe for Griddle Cakes from The Joy of Cooking and switched out 2/3 of the all-purpose flour for whole wheat. They turned out great!


After breakfast I went to physical therapy and dragged the boys with me.


They brought activities to keep them occupied in the waiting area for an hour. Times like these are when I am glad they are not toddlers anymore. Well, I’m glad about that 99% of the time.


Physical therapy torture chamber:


After physical therapy we went to the gym.




I smashed my pinky in between some plates at Bodypump.


You can see the purple dot on my pinky nail, but that was right after it happened. Now it is much more purple and every “P” I type hurts.

After the gym, to reward the boys for enduring two hours of “mommy stuff”, we went to Evos for lunch.



I got the Championburger (veggie burger) and airfries. So so good. I also love that they have caffeine free Diet Coke.


I especially love the specialty ketchups.


After lunch we came home and I had a phone call with Trainer Chris. Things are still rolling along on the Peak Fitness, ModelFit front. Chris has devised an eight week program that I will be starting the week of July 9th. Between now and then I am figuring out the workouts and asking questions. Of course I’ll post any of the new plan’s workouts that I do and everything associated with the program. I’m still excited to get started. I’ll be working with a nutritionist also.

This afternoon we have just been hanging out at home. Joey Z. is over here. Do you know what Cal is up to now?


Yeah, me neither.

I’m going to make an early dinner (something super fancy like chicken nuggets and broccoli) because the boys have a swim meet tonight. I have TONS of fun plans for the weekend. Like, two events each day. I’m excited. Hope I can squeeze in some time for blogging somewhere.

Happy weekend!