It’s the weekend!

June 30, 2007 at 4:15 pm

Last night I went to a crop at Scrapbooking in Paradise…without Katie. Poor thing is still sick 🙁 I worked on the mini-album that I started at the Scrapyard crop last weekend. I took wayyy too many pictures on a Bristol trip in Dec. 2005, so I decided to put them all in a mini-album instead of doing page after page of the same trip. I am doing a couple of pages with the leftover photos, though. I’ll post one here in a bit.

Yesterday I took Cal to Bayside High School for testing to see if he qualifies for the gifted program at his school. The psychologist, Dr. Bourgard, was very nice. She started out by asking me a few questions while Cal was in another room. Of course, I extolled his virtues. The door was open and he was right across the hall, sticking his head through the door to eavesdrop. He told us that he heard everything and was embarrassed 🙂

Then I waited in the school lobby while she administered the test. The whole test only took about 2o minutes. I don’t know what they can tell about a student in a 20 minute test, but she told me that their funding didn’t allow for more extensive testing. After it was over, she said, “I can see why you wanted to bring him.” And she said she loved listening to his logic. She said she would give the results of the test to the guidance counselor at his school (I’m guessing the gifted teacher, Mrs. Bond) and they would call me to schedule a meeting to discuss things. She said I would probably hear from them early in the fall, after school starts. So we’ll see.

Today, Chad is doing things with the boys. This morning they went to Crescent Lake Park and Publix. This afternoon they are going to Target. I slept late and then scrapbooked this morning. Here is the page I did:

Bristol Trip

I also did this quickie with a lonely little photo today: