Gramma’s Here!

July 19, 2007 at 2:28 pm

The boys and I went to get Karen at the airport this morning. They were so excited…we waited at the entrance to the shuttles to the gates, and everytime a group came off the shuttle they would say, “Is Gramma there? Where is she? Gramma, where are you?” Finally we saw her and they went running to her, everyone smiling form ear to ear. We surprised her at the gate, as she thought we were picking her up at the curb outside baggage claim.

After we picked her up we went to Evos for lunch. I let both the boys have smoothies since it was a special occasion and they were thrilled with that. Mack said, “Mommy, thank you getting us smoothies. I won’t tell Dad.” LMAO. They are learning.

In a bit we’re going to karate and to get Nick & Willy’s (Thursday night after all). I can tell we are in for a happy boy weekend.

Here’s a layout I started last night and just finished up…

#1 boy