September 8, 2010 at 4:01 pm


This kid can talk until your ears hurt about pokemon. I mean on and on and on and on. Whatever you do, don’t show the least amount of interest in pokemon or anything he is saying, or the chatter will ratchet up to a speed and volume and intensity that will induce immediate migraine in the listener. This is, unless you are also a pre-teen boy or a grandma. Pre-teen boys and grandmas are immune to pokemon-induced migraine.

Today I walked the boys to school as usual. I think we live the perfect distance from the school for walking. It is 1.1 miles to the school, so round trip is just over 2 miles. I love getting that bit of exercise out of the way first thing in the morning. The boys ride their scooters, and I walk with Chewie tied to the double stroller. Mack usually gets into the stroller when we are about half way to school. Then on the way home, it’s me pushing the huge stroller with two scooters in the seats. People probably think I’m a crazy lady with baby-envy.

Cal has been lobbying to ride his bike to school, but we’re just not ready for that yet. It involves one intersection that makes us nervous, not to mention all those potential pedophiles with vans that the media has made us afraid of. Lots of kids his age, and younger, do ride their bikes to school, but we just haven’t been able to make that leap yet. I mean, he is the most important thing in the world to us…we just don’t want to risk it. We told him maybe next year.

This will be the fourth year that I have walked them to school everyday (unless it’s raining or below 50 degrees). We have seen so many great things on these morning walks. We got to watch an osprey family being raised in a nest atop a 50-foot dead palm tree. We could just make out the tiny heads popping up above the nest, beseeching the mama to FEED THEM NOW! We often saw the mama (or daddy?) come and go also, clutching small fish in their talons. We watched those birds for months, and were rewarded by finally seeing the babies flying. As soon as the nest was empty they finally took down the huge old royal palm. It was in front of the historic “Capone” house which has been undergoing renovations forever. The house was one of the first ones in Shore Acres and used to be the home of Al Capone’s mother and he visited it often. It has been written about many times in the St. Pete Times and apparently originally had a sandy beach for a front yard right on the bay.

One day Mack and I also saw a bald eagle in a pine tree, high up but so close. It was awe-inspiring. We have lots of mornings where a little park we walk by (Denver Park) is completely blanketed in fog. We call it “Foggy Bottom”. We have watched duck families living in a backyard next to the canal we cross. It is just such a great part of our day.

After the walk to school I hit the gym for body pump, then Publix. When I got home there was a message and business card from one of the bathroom remodeling contractors who was supposed to call me yesterday, but didn’t. Apparently we had a miscommunication, but he came back and we spent a while going back through all the things we need to do in the bathrooms. Hopefully he’ll have a quote for me soon. I’m so ready to get those things done!