Go Vols

September 9, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Sunrise over Shore Acres

Today was my volunteer day at the boys’ school. I do enjoy helping out in their classrooms, mostly because it makes them so happy to have me there. I realize that there is only a short time left before they will be mortified to have  me within 100 feet of their school, so I try to appreciate their current fleeting enthusiasm for my presence. Mack got to stay in the classroom and eat lunch with me and pick a friend to join us. He was thrilled by that. He knows I will NOT eat in the cafeteria (it is so loud and I’m sorry, but 200 eating kids are gross!) I sat in the cafeteria with Cal for lunch once a week for like two years, and now I’m over that.

But I am a fairly slacker, underachiever volunteer (or maybe just a slacker, underachiever period). I volunteer one day a week, 1/2 a day in each boy’s class. I’ll also drive for or attend fieldtrips if I can and want to. Sometimes I will help out in other areas of the school like with gifted, PTA or wherever. Only if I feel like it, and really not very often. I am in awe of the supermoms who really seem to live and breathe the school. I’m sure there are superdads at the school too, but not on my radar. I’m so glad there are people who want to, or at least are willing to give of themselves like that, to pick up my slack. I rationalize it brilliantly by telling myself that at least I’m doing SOMETHING. So basically I set the bar for myself as a little bit higher than doing nothing. I like to challenge myself. Besides, the other four days of the week I am really busy going to the gym, playing with paper and fabric and glue, and clearing my Tivo of Top Chef and America’s Next Top Model.

I am frustrated with the whole fundraising thing at school. Since I in no way participated in the decision-making process about what fundraisers to do, I realize I have no right to complain. So now I’ll complain. They just kicked off the Entertainment Book fundraisier. Both boys ran in the door the other day announcing that they had to sell five Entertainment Books (each) so that they could go to the Omegaman show. We won’t sell the things. So Cal, especially, is really mad. But it makes me mad that the kids are made to feel like they have to miss out on something that other kids get to do AT SCHOOL just because their parents won’t sell these things to friends and family. I guess I should be grateful that the school is helping to teach the kids the fundamental and pervasive truth that LIFE’S NOT FAIR. We will buy one Entertainment Book from each kid and give one away to our neighbor. I just can’t imagine imposing on friends, family or (never!) co-workers to buy a book to help my kids’ school. The books are $25 each! Oh well, this is just the first fundraiser of the year, so the kids have yet many more opportunities this year to learn from school that LIFE’S NOT FAIR.