Yummy Monday

September 13, 2010 at 10:55 am

My overexposed breakfast.

Photoshop could not fix the exposure on these eggbeaters. Well, I’m sure my amazing photographer friends Cami and Cari could have fixed it, or rather they would not have taken such a harshly-lit photo in the first place. And of course, Katie could have fixed it, because Katie can do anything.

This is my typical breakfast. A low-carb bagel, eggbeaters, and strawberries and honeydew melon (which is on super sale at Publix right now and is so good). My favorite meal of the day. Especially good after sweating my ass off on the walk to school.

This morning Mack asked if he could walk Chewie to school. Mack doesn’t weigh that much more than Chewie, and for a 30 pound dog, Chewie is extremely strong. But Mack was very earnest in his request, so I said OK. We do use a no-pull collar on Chewie, so that helps considerably. My biggest worry was that Chewie would see another dog or a cat or a squirrel and dart off, causing Mack to lose the leash. But Mack did great and walked Chewie the entire way to school. He was so proud of himself and when we got to school he said, “Mom, I did it for you.” And I must admit, it’s much nicer pushing the (empty) stroller without Chewie tied to the side.

Mack was amazed at how often Chewie stopped to do his business. I think there were 4 poops and about 50 pees. “Mom, why does he stop and lift his leg and nothing even comes out?” After the first 10 pees, the well has run dry, but the urge to mark his route never ends. The ubiquitous “pee-mail.” When Chad walks Chewie he doesn’t put up with all that foolishness, but Mommy and Mack are not such hard-asses.

So on tap for today: ┬álaundry and cleaning (always), bodypump at noon, possibly a trip to Target, and Tivo…I see Mad Men and All American Handyman need to be watched. I think they just need to make the contestants on All American Handyman just do all the challenges shirtless and include that in the consideration. There is only one woman in contention and she could go shirtless too, why not? Who’s your favorite TV handyman? Mine is Andrew Dan-Jumbo, formerly of “While You Were Out” and now on “Take-Home Handyman.” First, I love his name. Second, he has an adorable accent and I bet he’s really intelligent. I’d like to talk politics with him.