I’m a runner!

October 9, 2010 at 12:42 pm

Jeannie and I were up before the sun this morning, off to Tampa for the 16th Annual Police Memorial 5K run. We scored immediately upon arrival by finding a restaurant owned by a relative of Jeannie, allowing us to forego the port-a-potties! Awesome. Especially considering the line we saw at the port-a-potties. We got our ipods/phones all synced up with a C25K Week 4 podcast that Jeannie had created just for us to use on this run. There was a huge crowd, and seeing the signs dedicating the race to all the slain police officers reminded us that this was a really good cause. Here we are before the race started:

The new police recruits were all lined up and ready to run. 

And then we were off, running through downtown on the way to Bayshore Blvd. Everyone had to make way for the recruits, as they were keeping a very steady pace all while chanting and carrying flags.

Our first running interval was UPHILL! What? There are no hills in Florida! But there are bridges and overpasses. This was the first time I had ever run uphill. Good thing it was in the beginning. I must say, running DOWNhill is awesome. It was a totally clear perfect day, and Bayshore was beautiful as always. Of course there was a pirate ship: 

After the turn-around we soon hit the 2-mile marker.

Around this time Jeannie’s ipod mysteriously started the podcast over from the beginning, so she was taking running cues from me at that point. I have to admit after two 5-minute running intervals, alternating with 3-minute running intervals, I was really feeling it. It was pretty sunny and warm out there. So when we got back to the overpass, I decided I was NOT going to run up it again. But once on the top we ran down, and ran most of the way to the finish line (with a couple of short walking breaks). So here were our final times:

You can tell two things from this. First, Jeannie beat me by one tenth of a second. Second, she is two years younger than me. I knew I should have pushed her out of the way at the finish line! I walked a 5K with a friend in 2008, and my time then was 57:32. So I improved on that by 16 minutes! I am pretty happy with that time and so glad that we did this now, before completing the C25K program. We plan to run a 5K together (hopefully in December) when we are all finished with the program and it will be fun to see our time improved. Here we are after the race, all sweaty and happy:

We had black beans and rice, salad and bread provided by Columbia’s restaurant. An odd breakfast, but we enjoyed it. We also picked up a bunch of little give-aways for the kids. After we ensured that we didn’t win any doorprizes, we headed back to the car and retrieved our dry race t-shirts to take some pictures behind the Tampa Museum of Fine Arts, across the river from University of Tampa.

It was a fabulous morning. Thank you Jeannie for doing this with me!