Thanksgiving Pictorial

November 26, 2010 at 3:15 pm

Yesterday was wonderful from start to finish. I ran my first 5K. I got to hang out with wonderful friends. I ate some fantastic food. The boys summed it up on the drive home last night, “That was awesome!”

I am thankful:  for my husband for cooking our contribution to Thanksgiving dinner as well as for washing the crockpot afterwards; for my boys who gave me a standing ovation when I walked in the door after my 5K; for Mandy for running the event with me; for Katie and Zack who let us invade their home for Thanksgiving; for Caroline for getting me to walk an extra three miles AFTER running three miles and for the awesome peanut butter pie and for cleaning up after dinner while I sat on my ass and for so many other things; for all of the families that were surrogate family for me at the Stowell’s house yesterday. Thank you all.

Our Thanksgiving in pictures (hover over image to see caption and click on images to see them larger):

We even got to bring home some leftover turkey! But no pie…still going strong on my “Healthy for the Holidays” mission. However, I do hear holiday baking calling my name. I promised the boys we could start after Thanksgiving. Guess that is now 🙂