Saturday Weekly Wrap-up 1/23/11-1/29/11

January 29, 2011 at 8:15 pm

Wow, January is basically OVER. It’ll be Christmas again before we know it. I feel like we’ve had a busy day.

Chad got up with the boys while I slept in just a little (until 7:45 or so). He’s in charge of early Saturday morning stuff. After breakfast they went for their usual “fishy” walk (the route goes through the canals of Venetian Isles). Chad said they saw a huge dolphin this morning. Mack took this picture on the walk:

I love how all three of them are in sync with their step.

First thing this morning I put a two-pound bag of dried great northern beans that had been soaking over night into our big crock pot. We (mostly I) have eaten all of the kidney beans that I cooked a while ago.

After breakfast and the walk the boys dropped me off at the gym since Chad’s car was in the shop. I elliptical’d and bodyflowed while they went to the Saturday Morning Market to pick up our CSA share.

Here’s what we got this time:

No arugula! Wahhh. I’m just going to have to buy it at Publix this week. I don’t think I can live without it.

After the market they went to Publix then picked me up at the gym. After doing some things around the house (I actually cleaned a little!) and having lunch, the beans were done. A two-pound bag of dried beans produced 14 one-cup bags. This makes me feel so thrifty and they have no salt or sugar like canned beans.

There were 14 cups, but I ate about a cup while I was bagging them up. They are so good. I put two onions, eight garlic cloves, and two bay leaves in the crock pot with the beans (all discarded after cooking). I spread the bags out flat on a sheet pan and stuck them in the freezer.

After being frozen flat they won’t take up much room in the freezer. Cool beans. 😛

Chad’s car was ready to be picked up at 4:00, so we drove out to Tyrone to get it. Since we were going out that way we decided to hit the mall for a couple of things and go out to dinner. We very rarely go out to dinner as a family unless we are on vacation. I can’t even remember the last time, other than on vacation, when we did it! We picked a restaurant from the Entertainment Book that the boys’ school sold as a fundraiser. Pretty much the only sit-down restaurant in the book in the Tyrone area was Edo’s Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar so that’s where we went.

The boys liked the “easy” chopsticks (rigged with rubber bands) and both even used them in the soup. They thought the show was awesome. I know this because they both exclaimed, “Awesome!” several times.

All the boys had steak.

Well, they did have steak, but it hadn’t made it to the plate yet in the pictures above. I had sushi…a tropical roll which was salmon, tuna & shrimp with roe on top, and uni. Always uni. It was very yum.

We were all very happy with our dinners.

They boys already asked when we can go back. We all smell like hibachi now, which I guess is a hazard of the Japanese steakhouse.

On to the weekly wrap-up…

Stuff that was on my “didn’t do (but wish I had)” list last week:

  • Take bins of Xmas decorations to storage unit
  • Make appointment to get my hair cut
  • Make dentist appointment for Mack
  • Any other housework at all (this place is such a wreck, always)

I did all that stuff this week! Plus, I rescheduled an eye doctor appointment. I sucked it up and made phone calls to THREE receptionists. It was hard, but I did it. And as for housework, I actually cleaned off three horizontal surfaces and cleaned the hall bathroom. The housework only happened because we are having one of Mack’s friends over for a playdate tomorrow afternoon and I don’t know the Mom and she will see my house. There are still toy-drifts everywhere (they look just like all the photos I’ve seen on the news of snow-drifts up north lately…or what it looks like after the snow-plow pushes all the snow up into huge piles on the edges of the clearing), but that stuff has nowhere to go at the moment. The boys room needs a huge overhaul.

Other stuff I did this week:

  • Walked 14 miles
  • Ran 11 miles
  • Bodypumped 3 times
  • Bodyflowed twice
  • Elliptical’d 110 minutes
  • Worked out at with my kids at their school for one hour
  • 5 loads of laundry
  • Went to Publix twice, plus once each to Rollin’ Oats and Fresh Market

Stuff I didn’t do this week (but wish I had):

  • Take the last two boxes of Xmas stuff to storage
  • Overhaul the boys room and fit all the Xmas toys into it
  • Put away the wrapping stuff (a last vestige of Xmas, which has been sitting in our hallway since early December)
  • Clean my floors (must first do the two items just above)
  • Buy a new mini-fridge (use for drink storage…our old one died)

Whew. I told you it was a busy day. If you read all this, I love you. Here’s to a new week starting tomorrow!