My breakfast is better than your breakfast

February 2, 2011 at 9:36 am

You know when a post begins with a picture of my breakfast that it is going to be a particularly fascinating edition of My Fascinating Life. And you’d be right.

I have a new breakfast obsession (in addition to my old obsession with cheese and chive eggbeaters with Frank’s hot sauce). This is it:

That’s toast with a very thin smear of peanut butter (we use Smart Balance) and pomegranate arils. I am so in love with pomegranates in general and often put them in my oatmeal. But the combination of peanut butter and pom is amazing.

Really, I don’t know of any other fruit that is like them. When you bite into them you get this satisfying POP of sweetness, like a little explosion in your mouth. Then they have this chewy/crunchy texture. It sort of reminds me of why I like fig newtons…after you eat one you have those little fig seeds in your mouth that sort of pop when you bite down on one.

And of course, they are super healthy. The California Pomegranate Council has a great website with tons of recipes and info.

They do seem sort of expensive. I have seen them as high as $5 each. But they do go on sale and seems like especially around the holidays they were cheaper. I saw them for three for $10 and as low as two for $5. Also, you really get alot of fruit out of one pomegranate. The amount you see above on my toast came from 1/4 of a pomegranate. So I make one pom last for four days.

Also, they are kind of labor intensive and a bit messy. You have to score the top like a criss-cross (see Pom Council website above for instructions) and tear it open. Some juice may squirt out and it’s bright magenta colored (really pretty). Then you have to pop out the arils, which again causes some juice spraying. But I don’t care. It’s so worth it. I lay out a bunch of paper towels when I do it, then continue to use the pink-speckled paper towels for other things throughout the day.

Another good thing about poms is that they last a long time in the fridge. I have cut into a pom that was in my fridge for about a month and it was still good inside. So buy them on sale and stock up! But be careful, because you will probably become obsessed like me. They are that good.

So this morning I walked the boys to school, came home and made my awesome breakfast, and now I’m off to Bodypump. Then I’m running 3.5 miles (check back to my Still Running page later for an update). Then I’m going to Workout Wednesday at the boys’ school. Then I’m cooking a yummy healthy dinner. Then I’m walking 1.6 miles with the familiy after dinner. Whew. LOVE my exercise-intensive Wednesdays. I get to eat ice cream today. Or more peanut butter and pomegranate toast…seriously as good as ice cream.

P.S.  Right now there is a story about how bad school lunches are on the Today Show (in conjunction with their Eat This/Not That series). How much attention does this subject have to get before school districts actually do something about it?

P.P.S. Sorry again Retta and others not on the southern eastern seaboard, but it was 67 degrees on my walk this morning, and I wore shorts and a t-shirt. Bundle up and be jealous guys.