Tahoe mid-day

February 11, 2011 at 7:13 pm

I can not sit inside here for five minutes. It’s just too unbelievably beautiful. I feel like I’m in a postcard.
Me and Janet
Janet and I took a little walk around so I could show her what I saw this morning. It has warmed up alot in just a couple of hours.
Me on pier

We walked up to the lobby of the main hotel (that I keep calling “the lodge” because that’s what it looks like) and bought a few souvenirs. Then Janet went back to the cabin while I went for a short mile and a half walk to further explore. Slowly…over icy paths, making many stops to take pictures. It was an adventure.

Garmin walk
I found a little city park with one of those exercise circuits, so I decided to walk that. It was very snowy and icy, so I went carefully. You northerners must be used to walking on packed snow turned into six inches of solid ice, but I definitely am not. It felt treacherous.
But so pretty. There was a dog park.
Dog park
Some of the exercise stations were funny. Look at the snow on the stump you are supposed to sit on at this one:
Lots of the path looked like this:
That may look like snow, but it was packed hard and slick on top. I stayed on the edges and went slowly. It was fun.
Exit sign
Across the street there was a cute park that made me think of the boys.
Ah, it’s just so pretty everywhere here! I figured out we are at the northern tip of Lake Tahoe at Incline Village. The lake is so vast.
Picnic tables
As I was headed back to the cottage I saw a lady running on the street. I decided if she could do it, so could I. So I changed into my running gear and took off. It was great! No treadmill! I didn’t even wear a jacket. I did 4 miles in 50 minutes (12:30/mi.).
Garmin run
I was happy with that, considering it was all hills and I was at 6600 feet, compared to all flat at sea level like I am used to. Awesome. I was actually able to do about 90% on the jogging path so I wasn’t on the street too much.

After I got back to the cottage and grabbed a shower the other girls got finished with their spa stuff and called me to meet them for lunch. We had lunch at the Sierra Cafe at “the lodge” (not really a lodge…just the main hotel). Then I went to the little general store in “the lodge” and bought a sugary treat:
Izze Pomegranate
It’s a pomegranate soda! Now I am drinking that mixed with Absolut Apeach. Yes, now that the exercise portion of the vacation is over and it’s 4 o’clock it is cocktail time! Life is good.

Here’s a little video I recorded this morning (cheating and using Janet’s laptop to post this…can’t post video with my phone blogging app). I don’t know why there is no sound. There should be audio. Maybe it’s Janet’s laptop? Do you hear my voice? Can you hear me now?