Whatever, It’s Sunday

March 6, 2011 at 4:24 pm

This morning I made waffles again. Last night the boys said they wanted to go to Tick Tock (our favorite 4th Street diner for Sunday breakfast). We haven’t gone out to breakfast on a Sunday in forever so I was fine with that. But the lure of the waffle was too strong. They changed their minds this morning and I made waffles. That Belgian waffle iron that I got for Christmas has paid for itself in foregone diner breakfasts! Not to mention that my homemade waffles, which are more than 50% whole wheat flour and contain oats, are definitely more healthy than anything they would order at Tick Tock.

After waffles the boys and I went to the gym where I did 40 minutes on the elliptical (first time back on the elliptical since the plague!) and Bodypump. I felt great at Bodpump today. I am back up to my pre-sickness weights. I have to admit that I am secretly competitive at Bodypump. If I see any woman with heavier weights than me in the class I will add weights. If they can do it, so can I. If the instructor is a female I try to match her weights or exceed them. I’m a big girl…I can lift big weights! Maybe that’s why my shoulders feel kind of sore right now?

This afternoon I made a new batch of homemade granola bars. These are completely different than the last batch I made. Those were crunchy and had chocolate chips. These are chewy and have peanut butter. I used the recipe from fANNEtastic Food for 5 minute no-bake peanut butter granola bars. Here are the ingredients:

I loved that these were all things I already had on hand. Yes, I had pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and ground flax on hand. I’m crazy healthy like that. Actually I’ve just been reading so many healthy living blogs and they all seem to use these things constantly. Anyways, first you just combine all the wet and all the dry.

Mix the two together then press into a pan. Of course I used my favorite kitchen necessity, non-stick aluminum foil. I hate washing pans if I don’t have to.

Those black specks are the pumpkin seeds…some kind of European variety.

After pressing it in the pan I stuck the whole thing into the refrigerator for a while to harden up a bit. The recipe says to cut them into 12 bars at 189 calories each. I cut them into 20 bars at 115 calories each.

They are still pretty good-sized granola bars, equivalent to a boxed bar.

Then I wrapped them individually and put them in an airtight container. I am going to store them in the refrigerator so that they will stay more firm (they are pretty chewy).

We all ate one for snack this afternoon and everybody approved.

Chewie didn’t get one, but he definitely wanted one. It’s not gross that Mack is always cuddling up with Chewie ON his dog beds, is it? Chewie sleeps on their beds, so what’s the difference? I apologize for Chewie’s lack of modesty.

Right now Chad and the boys are off to Gamestop to buy the NEW Pokemon Black and White game(s?) for DS for Cal. Well, Cal is using his own money to buy it (them?). I’m not sure if it’s one game or two…I’ll just refer to it as one, but I think it’s two. He has been anticipating the release of this game for months. Mack is also buying a game with his money. I think it’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I don’t know. Video games are Daddy’s territory.

I have a new blog love. It’s written mostly by Barbara Berkeley, M.D. and is called Refuse to Regain . It’s focused on weightloss maintenance. Right up my alley. She just posted this article: The Perfect Diet: Does it Exist? This article just seems to go right along with what I was saying on Friday about the movie Food Matters. You just have to do the best you can. And if you think you have all the answers you are a fool.

Dr. Berkeley also just linked to this article: Can Exercise Keep You Young? – NYTimes.com. Very interesting, especially if you want to keep your gonads from shriveling 😯 .

Finally, we are renewing our CSA membership this month for next year! We have enjoyed all the fresh organic veggies so much this season that it was a no-brainer to renew. If you are local and are interested in joining the CSA for next season (harvest runs from November-May), and I would highly recommend it, membership applications open up for everyone in April. I think you can find answers to all your questions on the website, but I’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

So it’s day one of a new week. Here’s to a good one!