Truckin’ like the doo-dah man

March 18, 2011 at 5:08 pm

This morning we were back to walking to school. Mack walked the entire way with Chewie hooked to the prototype of his invention for his gifted project this semester: the hip leash.

I know that there are currently “hip leashes” on the market, but his is an improvement of what we were able to find that currently exists. I’m not going to tell you how he is improving on it, as I am worried you will run out and patent his idea. Suffice it to say that it is genius. Of course.

It was super foggy at Foggy Bottom this morning.

Upon returning home I had to quickly shower and head across town for a doctor’s appointment. I had to eat breakfast in my car.

Can you guess which direction I went? All my girl-parts are in working order, apparently. I actually haven’t been to a gynecologist in over 10 years and I have never seen an OB. I ♥ midwives. They give you a hug after poking your privates.

I was bummed this morning that I would have to miss Bodypump because of my “doctor” appointment (not actually with a doctor), but I ended up having such an awesome run that now I don’t care. Since I had to be in another part of town for my appointment I decided to find somewhere to run in that area for a change. I ran on the Pinellas Trail!

I had never been on the Pinellas Trail at all, and I was amazed at how awesome it was. It was so wide and nicely paved and no traffic. Well, no motorized traffic. It was actually very busy with walkers and runners and bikers and roller bladers.

It wasn’t crowded, but is obviously well-used. It was totally clean. I didn’t see any litter at all. It was actually fun to get to run some “hills” (overpasses) for a change!

Running down the hills was the best.

Running in the Tyrone/Bay Pines area of the trail afforded some really nice views.

There isn’t much shade on the trail, however, and I was running mid-day. I think my shoulders may be a little pink right now. Occasionally there would be just a bit of shade.

Much of the trail is composed of old train tracks that were converted into a public trail. It winds through quite a few trailer parks and by a KOA campground on the water.

This campground actually looked really nice and had a very refreshing looking swimming pool. It was HOT (mid-70s) and I was tempted to make a pit stop, but I kept on going. I did carry a water bottle with me today so that helped. I knew I would need water.

I did five miles (3.5 was on the schedule, but I wanted to do extra to make up for missing Bodypump). It was hot and there were hills, but I felt really good. It was really nice to have a change of scenery. Also, I ran to music today which I hadn’t done in a long time. I had listened to every podcast on my phone, so I had no choice. It was great! I had forgotten how a song can come on that feels like it was just the song you needed to give you a push along. I just set my playlist on shuffle, so it was totally random. Seemed like alot of Kid Rock, Jane’s Addiction, and Black Eyed Peas came up. Right when I was nearing the last “hill” and was really dragging, “Truckin” by the Grateful Dead came on and was so perfect I might have laughed out loud. I trucked it on up that hill and ended up with the best time I’ve had on a run since before I was sick. Maybe ever?

I put all the stats on my “Still Running” page, but basically I did five miles under an hour. I was so happy with that!

This photo is for Caroline in Ohio, who is homesick for St. Pete:

Oh how I love good runs. I needed one.

So now I have to get dressed, pop the pizza in the oven (a take and bake from Tour de Pizza, of course) and go pick up the babysitter. It’s date night! 🙂