Suddenly Saturday

March 19, 2011 at 7:05 pm

Such a busy Saturday. I went to the gym this morning for elliptical torture and Bodyflow, then Chad met me to hand off Mack so I could take him to a birthday party. I didn’t shower after the gym…just gave myself a 5-minute washcloth bath. Don’t tell anybody. Something had to give and that was it. I did put on clean clothes at least.

I didn’t get home from the party until close to 3:00 and due to lack of planning I hadn’t had lunch. I was starving! But I shoved a bunch of food in my mouth quickly and didn’t die. Then I went on a three mile walk (sans Chewie). Then, finally, I showered 🙂 . Now I’m doing laundry and chilling.

But…about last night.

We started with dinner at Red Mesa Cantina in downtown St. Pete. I had a crowdsavings deal that was about to expire which was the catalyst for the entire date night. It was a gorgeous evening.

We sat on the patio in front of the fountain with these guys looking over my shoulder the entire time:

As we were walking to the restaurant I said that I wasn’t going to drink because I didn’t want the calories. As soon as we sat down and I saw the huge selection of tequila and margaritas that idea went out the window.

Dinner was awesome. You can see everything I ate (and drank) here. Our waiter was great and our server was funny. When the server brought our food I thought he was our waiter and I ordered another drink. He said he would tell our waiter, and that’s when I realized that it was a different person. Maybe I’m guilty of not really “seeing” wait staff at restaurants, but I think I can be forgiven in this instance:

I think all I saw were bald heads. Anyway, the guy on the right is Jorge and he took this picture:

The margaritas were so good. Chad commented that all of his beers cost less than one of my margaritas. I’m worth it.

After dinner we walked the few blocks to the theater. We love live theater and were subscribers to American Stage for several years before we had kids. We loved going to see all the plays and having our regular seats. It became really difficult after Cal came, so we dropped our subscription, but have continued to see plays whenever we can.

This was last night’s offering:

I was expecting a sardonic dark comedy. The reviews were so good! It ended up being a sort of dated drawn-out expression of self-love by Edward Albee. This play was three hours and twenty minutes long! Three long acts. We were bored to death by the end. I defended it by saying that maybe when it was more contemporary it would have been better (it did win a Tony in 1963) but Chad thought it would have been bad no matter what.

Regardless of the disappointing play (you can’t win ’em all), we had an awesome date night.

No Saturday Weekly Wrap-Up this week. I’m too tired. Basically I exercised my butt off, took pictures of all my food, worked 15 min./day with the boys in their room and had a good, busy week. I think all the “stuff I didn’t do” from last week’s wrap-up is still undone. Bleh.