I love NPR Tuesday

March 22, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Early morning photos of Chewie and Mack. Try getting a beagle and a 6 year old to hold still for a low-light, no flash photo. Nearly impossible.

Another day of walking to school.

Another day of dodging sprinklers.

The house in the photo at the top used to belong to Al Capone. It’s kind of famous in a St. Pete sort of way. It used to have these big freaky lions in front of it (like recently)…you can check that out here.

I listened to NPR’s Morning Edition on the radio this morning on my walk, as I always do. Today was the start of the spring fundraising drive for our local public radio station, WUSF. In the past I have complained about NPR fundraising weeks (they do one in the spring and one in the fall) on Facebook and out loud, but I’m not complaining this year. NPR has been so maligned as of late by people for whom an uninformed public is a good thing. I love NPR and if you have never listened to any public radio programming, I urge you not to have an opinion about it based on something you might have heard lately. Listen and make up your own mind.

Try an NPR podcast. My favorites are This American Life and On The Media. You can download these podcasts (and many others) for free from the NPR website.

The public radio programs broadcast by WUSF are awesome also. Locally they are at 89.7 on the fm dial. They always have interesting and relevant stories that I don’t get from other news outlets, as well as covering all the big stories of the day. Yesterday on Morning Edition they had a really great story about farming winter greens (like my beloved kale). You can read or listen to that story here.

Anyways…0nce back home I scarfed some breakfast as quickly as I could and headed to the gym for ellipticalization and Bodyflow.

I realized this morning that one of my “running” socks had a hole in the toe, and I had been wanting some new running socks anyway, so I decided to stop by Feet First, a local running store close to my gym, to see what they had. I got a $50 gift certificate for Feet First for Christmas that I hadn’t used yet, so I felt the need to SHOP.

Here’s my haul:

I bought two different kinds of running socks to see which one I liked better. Also, I bought a variety of energy gels to use on my longer runs…trying a bunch of different flavors so I can again see which one I like the best. I have a feeling I’ll like the double caffeine ones the best 🙂 . Finally, I bought a water bottle that has a grip with it, so when you are running with the bottle you don’t really have to hold on to it. Your hand slips through this grip, which also has a little pocket on the other side to hold your keys or whatever. The last two times I ran with a water bottle, and it was a pain to hold on to. I have realized since the weather turned warmer that I must take water with me on my runs. So that little pile of stuff pretty much killed my gift certificate. Running socks are expensive!

Now I’m eating lunch and doing laundry (you can just assume I’m always doing laundry even if I don’t mention it). This afternoon is karate.

I need to figure out dinner…I’m thinking turkey burgers and frozen green beans. We are pretty much out of all of our CSA veggies. Oh, that reminds me of last night’s dinner. The side dish I made, roasted carrots and kale (plus a random parsnip I added), was amazing.

Even both boys said it was awesome. I can’t wait to make it again. Seriously, highly recommend. Recipe link here.

Boys home soon…gotta go.