Out of the Closet Monday

April 18, 2011 at 6:07 pm

This morning was an interesting walk to school. I randomly found two tablespoons on the side of the sidewalk!

IMG_0004 IMG_0007

They are not the same style and were found about a mile apart from each other. One is a cheap food-service type of spoon and the other one is actually pretty nice. Just so weird, right? They are both in my dishwasher now 🙂 . Hey, free spoons. None of our everyday silverware matches anyway. Don’t judge.

Also, on the walk I saw these guys:


Do you have flocks of wild parrots where you live? I love Florida.

When I got home I made an awesome breakfast:


It was a huge bowl of steel-cut oats made with almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, banana, toasted pecans and coconut. Mmmmm. Also eggbeaters with Frank’s hot sauce and coffee (x3).

I fueled up well because I was determined to have a good, long run today. I took Caroline in Ohio’s advice and ran on Coffeepot Bayou today. I started out at Coffeepot Park.


I tried to get as early a start as I could, which was about 10 a.m. It wasn’t too hot yet at this point (mid-70’s) and there was a nice breeze in the air. I ran all along the seawall by the bay. I saw Christie and the Baby Bootcampers at the park on my way towards the pier. Hi Christie!


I ran all the way past Albert Whitted Airport and finally stopped at the Fish & Wildlife Commission building. This was right around 3.5 miles.



On the return trip I stopped a few times to take photos. It was a gorgeous day, but definitely heating up.

The new Dali museum:




Beautiful downtown St. Petersburg. I love living here.


This route was great and I can see it being my “go to” long (for me) run route for a while before I get tired of it.

In all I ran seven miles this morning and it was awesome. The stats are on my “Still Running” page. This was the good run I wanted to do on Friday. The last couple of miles were tough and it was getting hot nearing noon, but afterwards I felt amazing. I had such an endorphin high that I didn’t even mind coming home to this:


All that crap used to be in that closet. In the middle of the night last night we were awoken by a crashing, falling sort of noise. Upon investigation we discovered that the shelf in this closet in our study (3rd bedroom) had collapsed under the hundreds of pounds of stuff we had piled in there.


Mostly it was these boxes of photos that weighed so much.


These are from back in the pre-digital days when they always gave you doubles of your photos. Luckily the boxes didn’t fall out and dump photos everywhere. I’m not sure if I’m even going to keep all these photos. I’ve scrapbooked all the keepers. I do not want to go through all these photos, that’s for sure. I do have the negatives, but seriously, I am never going to print these.

So anyway, obviously I have to get all of this crap out of our study, fill the holes and rebuild the closet. I should probably paint it while I’m at it. Grrrrr.

But since I was on an endorphin high I just smiled at all the junk, took a shower, and made lunch.


Huge salad with CSA lettuces and kohlrabi, red bell pepper, cucumber, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and lite ranch dressing. On the side is a bowl of leftover cabbage and beef curry that Chad made for dinner last night. I know it looks like a bowl of mush, but it is delicious mush, I promise (includes rice and peas and carrots too). The boys loved this curry.

I’m not gonna lie. I dumped the curry on top of my salad after mixing everything up. Here’s what the mess looked like when I actually ate it.


Despite the appearance, it was delicious.

After lunch I headed to Publix.


There was lots of good stuff on sale today, like pineapple, organic bagged salad greens (hello baby arugula!), Chobani yogurt and Naturally Fresh salad dressings (my favorite). I had a pretty big haul.

After Publix it was just about time go pick up the boys from Mad Science. They did their homework and reading and then I let them open an Easter box from Chad’s wonderful Aunt Kathie.


She is so awesome and has sent them a box for every holiday since they were born. She is a teacher, so she knows the kinds of little things that kids like. They are so spoiled! Thanks Aunt Kathie.

Now I’m making dinner. We’re having these pre-marinated chicken kabobs on the George Foreman grill:


And roasted potatoes with dill:


and steamed broccoli. It’s all cooking right now and I’m hungry!