Friendly Friday

April 22, 2011 at 4:28 pm

Warning: somehow this post got super long. Sorry!

Last night we had a great time with our best friends and neighbors, the Z’s. We have been neighbors for over 15 years and are so lucky that we love each other 🙂 . We have many traditions that we keep year after year and one of those is dyeing Easter eggs together.


But, before we got down to the egg-dipping, we had dinner first. The boys had HUGE hot dogs and baked beans.



I had a turkey burger patty with baked beans dumped on top (it’s under there, I promise) and leftover roasted carrots and kale. Mmmmm.


Then we got down to the egg-dyeing.




Val (my BFF) and I were amazed by how smoothly things went this year. Generally the annual egg dyeing involves lots of yelling and at least one big spill, but this year it was actually pleasant and fun for all (even the grown-ups). I guess our kids aren’t little anymore.


Daisy, Chewie’s best friend, supervised.


Here are the finished works of art.



It’s a good thing I finished up a carton of eggbeaters yesterday, because it looks like we’ll all be eating hard-boiled eggs for a while!

This morning at breakfast I gave both boys a hard-boiled egg (cut in half, sprinkled with salt) with their breakfast. I knew Cal loves hard-boiled eggs (he likes everything), but Mack insisted that he doesn’t like them. I told him he had to eat one of the halves and if he didn’t like it I wouldn’t make him eat anymore of them.

He nibbled a bit of the white off the edge and declared that he didn’t like it. I told him he had to take a big bite, including part of the yolk. He reluctantly did so and slowly chewed with a thoughtful look on his face. After a few seconds he said, “Hey! This isn’t so bad. It tastes just like a scrambled egg!”

I said, “Well, duh! It’s the same thing, after all.” So now he says he will eat hard-boiled eggs. Awesome.

So today, after the boys had breakfast and got dressed and all that, we walked to school. It was pretty uneventful, but I did see a metal fork on the side of the road. I forgot to take a picture, but I just left it there because it was all bent up. I’m getting a little worried that there is some deranged utensil litterer in the neighborhood. Also on the walk I may or may not have failed to pick up Chewie’s poop when he decided to do his business in the yard of one of the worse sprinkler offenders. Oops.

After the walk I had an awesome breakfast…back to oatmeal!


In the bowl: steel cut oats made with water (we are out of almond milk), blueberries, strawberries, banana, pineapple, toasted pecans and coconut. Hard boiled egg with Frank’s hot sauce on the side. Coffee x3 each with a packet of Splenda with fiber and a dollop of skim milk.

After breakfast I hurried to the gym for Bodypump. I upped my weights for the squats and chest tracks because I was feeling like they were easily manageable. We’ll see if I feel it tomorrow!

After Bodypump I ran 5 miles. It was hard, but I did it. I wrote about that on my “Still Running” page. I did intersperse some short walking breaks to drink water mixed with SOBE. Another new flavor today:


This one was really good. I love these things, highly watered down. I like that they have no artificial sweeteners (they use Stevia). Not that I am really afraid of artifical sweeteners as I obviously enjoy my Splenda with fiber in my coffee and often drink caffeine free diet coke or the occasional regular diet coke. But I guess the less the better, right?

After I got home from running I showered and put on make-up (going out tonight on a double date!), then ate lunch. I had the kale, feta and walnut salad that I have made many times before. The only difference from the recipe is that I used balsamic vinaigrette instead of straight up olive oil as I like the bit of tang that it adds. So good.


Oh, you can see in that photo that my sunflowers are kind of on their last leg…bet you are sick of seeing them anyway!

After lunch I went to one of my favorite places:


Chad and I are going to see “Rent” in the park by American Stage tonight with some friends. It is a blanket on the ground kind of thing. We have gone every year forever (a different play every year, obviously…used to always be Shakespeare, but I guess they burned through all the good ones). So you go a couple hours early, eat yummy stuff, drink wine, hang out. Good times. Here are some of the treats I got for our date:

IMG_0016   IMG_0020

IMG_0023   IMG_0026

Those last two are dark chocolate covered cranberries (left) and chocolate chip banana brownies, which I actually made last night. I also bought some more boring stuff for Chad like a turkey/swiss sandwich, potato salad and cole slaw. My main course has not been photographed…I’ll save that for my post-play recap tomorrow 🙂 . This post is already way too long.

But one more thing. I’m excited about this place that just opened right across the street from Fresh Market:


Yay for new fun businesses on 4th Street!

More fascinating stuff tomorrow.