Bicycle Saturday

April 23, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Chad and I had a really nice double date last night to see a play in the park.


It was in Demen’s Landing on the waterfront in downtown St. Pete.



This is the 26th year that American Stage has done a play in the park in the spring.



We have gone to American Stage in the Park most years in the 17 years that we have lived here (we may have missed it when I was 9 months pregnant with Mack or when we had a tiny baby…not sure). We also used to go to Shakespeare in the park when we were in law school in Lexington. It just feels like part of us.


We have actually done it as a double date many times as well. This year we went with our friends Katie and John.


This is the second play we have gone to see with Katie and John, so I guess they are our “fancy theater friends” 🙂 .

Of course as soon as we got settled on our blankets the wine started flowing.





And we broke out the food.


The falafel chips and spinach and artichoke hummus were awesome.


My main course…sushi!



Wine + food + friends + theater = happy Caroline.


We got there early, about 6:00 p.m., and got a great spot. We were about four blankets back from the stage.


The funny thing is that we were right next to the area they had taped off for “premium blanket seating” (that grassy area right behind Chad’s back in the photo above). So the people sitting right next to us paid almost twice as much for their tickets. Here’s a tip: get general blanket seating tickets and get there early!


American Stage always has amazing sets for their park productions.








We really enjoyed the production of “Rent”. Next year they are doing “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and we can’t wait!

So this morning was a typical Saturday morning, thank goodness. I got to sleep in a little while Chad handled the kids. The boys had a sleepover/babysitter combo last night. Their buddy Joey Z. spent the night and his sister, Jillian Z., babysat (the same friends we dyed eggs with on Friday). We feel very psyched about the sleepover/babysitter combo idea 🙂 .



It was bran flakes and a handful of granola with strawberries, blueberries, and banana and skim milk. On the side a hard-boiled egg with Frank’s hot sauce. Coffee x3 the usual way.

My sunflowers went in the trash this morning after I took this last, sad photo 🙁 .


After breakfast I hit the gym. First up was elliptical torture. Here’s what I am reading while ellipticalizing:


Next up was Bodyflow.



After the gym I went to our favorite bike store (where we got both of the boys’ bikes) to check a couple out.


I am crossing my fingers for a new bike for Mothers Day/my birthday. I am thinking I want a hybrid. Here is what I looked at and test drove today…first a Giant Via:


Next a Specialized Sirrus:


I liked them both, but also want to check out a Giant Escape:


They have an Escape 2 in stock but have to build it, so I’m going to go back in a few days and check that out.

When I got home I was STARVING, but first had to put away all our CSA veggies which Chad had picked up this morning.


It was a pretty large share, but NO HEARTY GREENS! Just three bunches of salad greens. I don’t know what I’m going to do this week without kale, collards, mustard greens or turnip greens to cook! The boys ate some of those purple and white carrots with their dinner. They liked the white ones better.

While I was putting all that stuff away I was too hungry to wait for my huge salad for lunch, so I munched on the rest of the hummus and a few falafel chips leftover from last night (may have actually licked the hummus container clean). I also ate a bunch of Reduced Fat Wheat Thins with this:


That stuff is so good that it is dangerous. I picked it up at Fresh Market yesterday along with our picnic goodies. It’s spicy and cheesy and awesome.

So after all that snacking I just made an all-veggie salad.


In the bowl: CSA lettuces and arugula, cucumbers, CSA kohlrabi, red bell pepper, mushrooms, Italian salad spritzer and lite blue cheese dressing.

Later, feeling like I overdid it on the snacking, I decided to go for a long walk WITHOUT CHEWIE. So much easier. It was a hot, but beautiful afternoon.


What do you think of the overgrown wildflower front yard look?


Okay, if you actually read all of this, I love you. I’m starving again and Chad made tacos for the boys, so I think I’m going to make a huge taco salad.  I’m out.