Fort DeSoto Monday

April 25, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Yesterday I blogged early, before noon. From that point on I totally gorged myself on Easter candy and pretty much only ate cheese and crackers all day. I told you this stuff was dangerous:


I’m never  buying that stuff again. There is only a tiny bit left, since I ate most of it yesterday. The only healthy thing, and the only real meal I ate yesterday was breakfast.


So yesterday’s breakfast was oatmeal made with water, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, banana, coconut and sunflower seed butter (which was on sale at Fresh Market the other day). Also a hard-boiled egg with Frank’s hot sauce. Coffee x3 the usual way.

At one point I did eat a lean cuisine spinach and mushroom pizza with a little salad dumped on top of it that I made out of arugula (needed to use it up as it was going bad) mixed with lite blue cheese salad dressing. That just doesn’t seem like a real meal to me, plus it was eaten at some random time like 3:30. The rest of the day is a blur of jelly beans and chocolate. Also, yesterday ended up being a no-exercise day, despite my having mentioned on the blog that I was planning to go to the gym. Ugh.

So this morning, I tried to start off on a good note.


Two pieces of whole wheat toast with sunflower butter, a hard-boiled egg with Frank’s hot sauce, fruit and coffee x3.

The boys were off school today for a teacher work day or something, so I needed to include them in my exercise plans somehow. Monday is usually NOT a gym day for me, just a running day. So I decided that we would head out to Fort DeSoto after breakfast and the boys could bike on the nice paved bike trail while I ran.

I packed us plenty of fluids, as I knew it would be HOT despite our relatively early start. Today’s SOBE flavor:


I loved running at Fort DeSoto. It’s just so nice whenever I run somewhere different. We started and ended at the park headquarters, right at this flag.


It was nice because on the way back you could see that huge flag from far away and it served as a beacon leading us to our end point. The boys are in the photo above at the base of the flag.

The boys were not supposed to get so far ahead of me that they could not look back and see me, so every now and then they stopped to let me catch up.


We also stopped for water/SOBE breaks a few times.


This was right at our turn-around point, where the trail crossed the road so the boys convinced me it was the “end” of the trail (which it wasn’t really).


But it was a good turn-around point as it was about 2.5 miles and the boys were getting tired.


I love living here 🙂 . We’ll definitely be back to Fort DeSoto to run/bike this summer. And next time we’re going to wear our bathing suits and jump in the ocean as soon as we are done. We ended doing five miles total and the stats are on my “Still Running” page.

After running/biking we were all hungry so we decided to get lunch at Evos.


On the way in Mack said that they deserved milkshakes after biking five miles, and he said I deserved it too! That made sense to me, so I decided that I deserved a burger and fries instead of a salad.


I got the Championburger with the vegan patty option and air-fries.


So good. I can’t even remember the last time I had fries. And these are guilt-free, mostly. The boys enjoyed chicken strips, air-fries and shakes.




After lunch we came home and chilled out for a while. I did some laundry (of course) and the boys and I spent 30 minutes working in their room…the project that never ends. Then we ran a couple of errands and went to the movies.


We saw “Rio”. It was pretty good, but I must admit that I was falling asleep towards the end.


I snuck in illicit snacks. During the summer this theater has free movies and they will actually check your purse to make sure you didn’t bring anything in! But luckily this time they didn’t check 🙂 .


I did buy a huge bottle of water for us all to share for $5 to help ease the guilt.


After the movie we came home and I made dinner…mac & cheese and steamed asparagus.

 IMG_0046 IMG_0049

The boys portions were nicely plated.


Mine was just dumped into the bowl that I steamed the asparagus in and mixed together.


I feel like it was a busy and fun day. But please, Pinellas County School Board, no more gratuitous days off of school this year!