Sweltering Wednesday

April 27, 2011 at 4:04 pm

There was some excitement on the walk to school this morning.

Cal has never seen a piece of garbage on the ground that he didn’t want to pick up, put in his pocket, and add to his “collection” of garbage he found on the ground. Or at least just pick it up and fondle it and “collect” all its germs. I must have told him a thousand times not to pick up garbage!

This morning he couldn’t resist this:


An open bottle of bubbles. He thought it would be a good idea to pick it up and throw it up in the air. It promptly dumped out soap mixture all over his head, face and shirt.


Big Brain?


I don’t think they are teaching common sense at this school.


When I got home I made my awesome breakfast.


Some glaring morning light there. In the bowl: steel cut oats made with almond milk, blueberries, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, a drizzle of sunflower seed butter and coconut. Mmm. On the side eggbeater scramble with mushrooms, green onions and Frank’s hot sauce. It’s nice to be back to eggbeaters, which I actually prefer to whole eggs. We are down to two hard-boiled eggs and Cal loves them so I’m going to let him have those. Finally, three cups of coffee each with a packet of Splenda with fiber and a dollop of skim milk.

Big fuel breakfast for a big workout day. First up, Bodypump.


Then, I ran five miles. The stats are on my “Still Running” page. It was so hot. Running five miles at noon is stupid.


That’s me at the half-way point at the Snell Isle/Coffee Pot Bayou bridge. I did the route from Covenant-whatever-church on 62nd Ave. and 1st St., down 1st St. to Coffee Pot Park, then up Coffee Pot Blvd. to the bridge. I really like this route.

There is still a little bit of construction under way on the WIDE bicycle/pedestrian sidewalk they have put in. Mostly a couple of bridges.


But I’d say it’s 95% complete and awesome for the most part.

The love bugs were swarming everywhere today! Love was in the air, literally.


I made it back to my car and didn’t die. Somehow.

I barely had time to shower and make lunch before it was time to go get the boys. They have early release on Wednesday which always sneaks up on me.


In the bowl: various CSA lettuces, arugula, red bell pepper, CSA kohlrabi, CSA beets (!), mushrooms, fat free cheese, ham, Italian salad spritzer and lite blue cheese dressing. When I mixed everything up the beets turned the kohlrabi and shrooms pink, so it was a very pink salad. And yummy.

I actually took my huge salad bowl in the car with me to get the boys, but then realized half way there that my carpool partners were bringing the boys home. Duh.

So now the boys have finished homework and snacks and are waiting for their buddy Joey Z. to come over to play. I need to get up and be productive and maybe CLEAN something, but my body is dead. Have I mentioned that running at noon is stupid?

P.S. Did anyone notice that I added a “FAQs” page up there?