TGI(not)F Thursday

April 28, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Breakfast this morning was awesome as usual.


In the bowl: bran flakes, handful of granola, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, skim milk. Side of eggbeaters scrambled with green onions and mushrooms, topped with Frank’s hot sauce. Three cups of coffee each with a packet of Splenda with fiber and a dollop of skim milk.

My cereal and fruit almost didn’t fit in the bowl, but it fit in my belly just fine.


Frozen blueberries make the cereal milk purple Smile .

No walking to school because today was my volunteer day. This was my “honey-do” list for the day:


Did you notice #4? I asked if they wanted lip gloss for lunch because that’s the only thing I had in my purse that was remotely edible.


As soon as I got home from helping in Mack’s class I went for a long walk. It was exciting too, because I got new running shoes yesterday!


My running shoes were pretty worn out, so I ordered new ones online. I went with Asics again because I have always had good luck with them, but I went with a slightly different model than I had before. My old ones were GT1250’s, which are stability shoes. The ones I got are called “Foundation 9” and are also stability running shoes. The description said that these are the ones you want if you have low or flat arches, and mine are definitely flat.

So now I’m going to retire my old Avia walking shoes, make my old running shoes my new walking shoes, and so now I’m a 3-pair Asics girl. The third pair I wear to the gym.


It’s an Asics party in here.


The Avias are still hanging out with the Asics until I’m sure I love them, then they’ll go in the circular file.


So I took my new Asics running shoes out for a three mile walk to break them in a little.


I went for three miles WITHOUT Chewie. It was so nice and quick, not dragging 30 pounds of beagle the whole way. Chewie was so sad, wimpering even, when I left him at home and he watched me walk off with my new running shoes on and earbuds, obviously going on a walk without him. But when I got home I grabbed him and took him for a 3/4 mile walk.


So he got his poop on and was happy. And I was happy because I got a 3.75 mile walk in and it only took as long as walking three miles took with Chewie in tow the whole way. When we got back, he didn’t even collapse on the landing.


In fact, he wanted to bound up the stairs and I had to make him sit and stay for a picture.

Once home I cleaned up and made my huge salad.


In the bowl: CSA lettuces, arugula, CSA kohlrabi and beets, red bell pepper, mushrooms, fat free cheese, corn, black beans, Italian salad spritzer and lite ranch dressing.

Then it was back to school for 4th grade Math Superstars. I did manage to take pictures of some of their awesome Math Superstars folders:

kids folders-2

Math rocks!

After school it was quick homework and snack so that we could go by the library on the way to karate.


We ended up just returning books as neither boy could find something they wanted to check out. They were annoyed about that, and by my wanting to take their picture in front of the library.

After karate, the boys had Tour de Pizza for dinner, with their usual idiosyncratic sides.


Mack’s on the left: one medium piece, two small pieces. Turkey pepperoni on the side. Lots of celery, one carrot. Chocolate milk.
Cal’s on the right: one big piece. Turkey pepperoni on the side. Lots of carrots, one celery. White milk.

For myself, I made some veggies that are a throw-back to my Nutrisystem days. Roasted squash, red bell pepper and onion sprayed with Pam and sprinkled with Jane’s Krazy mixed-up salt. I used to eat this three times a week with my Nutrisystem dinner just because it is so delicious.

Before roasting:


In the second pan I also roasted some slices of tofu which I had marinated for a couple of hours in Soy Vay Teriyaki sauce.

After roasting:


This was an awesome dinner.


So, why does the title of this post include “TGI(not)F”?

Because tomorrow I am going on a fieldtrip with the 4th and 5th grade gifted students. On a bus. To Fort Myers. Which is like 2 hours away. Why? Why? Why? Kill me now.

I am going to wear my favorite bracelet that Chad gave me for Christmas this year.


And repeat it’s engraving over and over to myself.


This will be my mantra: