Derby Day!

May 8, 2011 at 9:37 am


It’s actually Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy friends!), but yesterday was so epic that I was too busy living life to blog about it.

This morning I could have slept in, but as often happens now that I am an old lady once I woke up I couldn’t get back to sleep so I just went ahead and got up. And since it’s Mother’s Day I can do whatever I want so I think I’ll blog!

So yesterday started off with me getting up early so that I could down two cups of coffee and then go for a five mile run.


It was awesome and I wrote about it on my “Still Running” page.

After I got back I ate breakfast and did a few things to start getting ready for our 15th or 16th (?) annual Kentucky Derby Party, like take the turkey breasts out of the oven.


Don’t they look delicious?

Next up on my Derby Party morning agenda was hitting the gym for Bodyflow. My BFF/neighbor Val was there, so we Bodyflowed together Surprised smile. (Sorry Chad, I NEEDED an emoticon).


After Bodyflow I high-tailed it to Publix yet again for last minute party items, like our fruit and veggie trays and ice. Then it was home to shower and finish all the final prep for the party. Before I knew it our guests began arriving.


Thank you to the T’s, our oldest and dearest friends, for the beautiful roses!

For the first part of the party, as always, I just hang out in the kitchen drinking mint juleps and making hot browns.


I love it, though, because everyone comes to the kitchen and socializes with me while I’m cooking. Chad plays bartender and his main job is to make sure MY julep cup is always full.


Hot brown assembly 101: start with Texas toast and a layer of turkey.


Add a layer of ham, then tomatoes, then roux.



Finally, cheddar cheese and bacon. Then bake until the bacon is crispy and everything is melty and oozy and wonderful.


Seriously perfect indulgence. It’s fat on fat on fat on veg on salt on protein on sugar. Amazing.


We serve them with a side of mashed potatoes and everyone raves.


Once the hot browns are all out of the oven and in everyone’s tummy I get to escape the kitchen and hang with my wonderful friends.

girlfriend collage-2

Obviously my hat took center stage in every photo. Barb, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so I put them both in the collage. Mila and Kathy, I wish I had girlfriend photos of us! It was an inspiration I had after half a dozen mint juleps and after you guys had to leave. Sad face emoticon goes here if it were allowed by hard-ass.









It was such a beautiful day and amazingly not swelteringly hot. Thanks to our enormous collection of nerf weapons it became Medieval Times in our backyard (aka sand pit).





Chewie had been on a playdate across the street with Daisy during the beginning of the party, but at some point he escaped from their fenced back yard and came home! He was obviously dying to be a part of the party and seemed so happy to be home.


Pretty soon we heard “My Old Kentucky Home” being played and knew it was almost post time, so everyone gathered in front of the television.





And they were off!


The cheering in the room was deafening. I wish I videotaped it! All the kids were yelling “Pants on Fire! Pants on Fire!” It was so funny. But if you watched you know Pants on Fire did not win. Animal Kingdom, one of the long-shots, won. Here’s our betting pool…can you see who picked Animal Kingdom?


Yep, my girl Val took it ALL. I don’t think we’ve ever had an entire pot go to one person without having to split it up between multiple winners. She took home over $90!


You’re going to use that to take me out for my birthday next week, right Val?

Annual Derby party family photo:


The race pretty much ends the party, and all our friends began to leave (with hot browns and Derby pie slices in to-go boxes for later). It was a fabulous party, if I must say so myself. We missed all our friends who couldn’t be here (you know who you are!) especially when I was flipping through all my scrapbooks looking at past Derby parties like I do every year. Thank you to all our friends who could come and helped make it such a blast. I LOVE YOU ALL!

So everyone left except for the Z’s, who just live across the street so therefore were free to stay and continue to get sloppy drunk with us. Insert smiley. Now begins the after-party, AKA Wii Dance Party 2 tournament.





When the grown-ups joined in it became a drunk Wii Dance Party 2 tournament.





I have to boast and say that I am AWESOME at drunk Dance Party 2. Seriously.


Finally even the Z’s had to go home and we called it a night. Both boys declared it the best Derby party ever (they say that every year).


But I do agree, it was fantastic.

So now it’s Mother’s Day and I can do whatever I want. I’ve blogged and now I’m going to go to the gym and sweat bourbon out of every pore. I just have a feeling today is going to be just as wonderful as yesterday!