Monday Morning

May 16, 2011 at 1:17 pm

This morning I walked the boys to school after having my usual two cups of coffee. While walking home after dropping them off I was heavily into an internal dialogue wherein I was trying to talk myself out of running.

“You deserve a day off after biking 15 miles yesterday.” “You basically carb-loaded with Chad’s homemade pizza last night, so you should have plenty of energy for a run.” “Running is hard and if you don’t go you could just sit and watch the Today Show and fold clothes and be lazy.” “You never regret a run once you’ve done it.” “You are addicted to exercise and can’t stand to take a day off.” “It’s in the low 70’s and low humidity and you might not see a morning like this again until November.”

That lost thought is what really did it. As soon as I got home I put on my running gear and immediately took off for a run. I didn’t even eat breakfast first (I thought if I sat down I would talk myself out of running eventually).

At first I thought I would do at least three miles. I’m doing a 5K at the beginning of June with my friend Kathy, so I really want three miles to be my minimum as long as I have the time. I set off on my “head to the downtown waterfront via Snell Isle” route.


It was the nicest morning weather in which I’ve run in a while. It was almost cool once I broke a sweat. You can see it was kind of overcast, or at least there were big spots of clouds.


Of course by the time I got to Coffee Pot Bayou I was feeling pretty good, although my legs felt so heavy after my long bike ride yesterday. I knew my pace was slow, but otherwise I felt okay, so I decided to keep going along the waterfront.

There was a seagull popcorn party going on in North Shore Park.


Not many people on the actual beach this early in the day, but there were lots of people walking, running and biking. There were even group exercise sessions going on in the park.


My half way turn-around point at about 3.5 miles was Northshore Pool, where I stopped to take A PICTURE of myself drinking water/SOBE.

Too high.


Too low.


Just right.


Yes, people were around watching me take multiple photos of myself fake-drinking out of a water bottle. If I put three on the blog, how many do you think I actually took? I don’t care if people think I’m strange. There are MANY strange people hanging out at the downtown waterfront in the mornings. I’m definitely not the strangest.

Is it more or less strange to take a picture of your reflection in the window of a vacant house while out running?


Okay, maybe that veers into the “creepy” subcategory of strange.

By mile six my legs were dead tree trunks. The last mile was torture. But if you do a long out and back and you go all the way OUT, you have to come all the way BACK. So I did. I was slow, but I did it. The slow stats are on my “Still Running” page.

I was home by 11:00, but then I took a LONG shower and tried to stretch out my quads which are now in knots. Then I did a bunch of laundry (remove, fold the immediate stuff, flip wet stuff to the dryer, start another load). Finally I ate something, which was close to noon so I don’t know if it was breakfast or lunch. I’m not going to blog about my food today. Why?

TalkingHeadsRemaininLightIn the immortal words of the Talking Heads, circa 1980:

Same as it Ever Was.

Same as it Ever Was.



On deck for this afternoon: more laundry, trip to Publix, pick up carpool, homework/snack, convince Mack we don’t need to go shopping for goody bag items for his birthday party TODAY. I don’t know what else. Probable family evening walk. Something out of the freezer for dinner because for some reason our freezer is packed right now. Everytime I open it something falls out.

Happy Monday.