Feeding the Beast Monday

May 23, 2011 at 8:03 pm

This morning I ate part of my breakfast (half of a bagel thin with almond butter and banana slices) and drank my usual two cups of coffee before walking the boys to school, 2.3 miles in my Vibrams!


I wanted to be pre-fueled so that as soon as I got home I could head out on my run (NOT in Vibrams…not ready for that yet).

Here is me being goofy on my back porch before my run:


I was trying to show off my guns, so here is a close-up:


Since I hadn’t run in a week I wanted to try to get in 7 miles (the longest distance I have ever run). I passed two friends on this run (Hi Tanya and Carrie!). I passed Tanya at about a mile and a half into my run and we were both so hard-core that we didn’t even stop to take a picture. We just yelled at each other in passing.

I took a short breather at the Snell Isle/Coffee Pot Bayou bridge (of course) at about 2.75 miles.


I turned around at the bathrooms at North shore Park (3.5 miles), and on the way back I took quite a few short walk/drink breaks. Probably every 1/2 to 1/3 of a mile I had to take a sip. It was so stinking hot! I passed my friend Carrie right next to St. Raphael’s which is right where I had passed Tanya. Weird. By the time I passed Carrie I was at about 6 miles and dying.

But I made it home and got a total of 7 miles of running in. The stats are on my “Still Running” page.

While I cooled off I ate the other half of the bagel thin, this time with almond butter and blueberries on top, and drank my third cup of coffee.

After showering and checking e-mail, blogs, etc., I made a humongous salad.

Chad made dinner last night, which was barbecue chicken, mac & cheese and broccoli. There was a little bit of mac & cheese leftover and Chad told me, “You can dump it on your salad tomorrow.”

He knows me so well.


New flowers too!

So here is where I fed the beast. Not the overeating beast. The obsessive exercising beast.

I needed a couple of things from the grocery store so I decided to bike there. And take the scenic route. It was like a compulsion. I had the thought, “I need to go to the store. I could bike there.” And then I couldn’t NOT bike there.


Yes, that’s the same Snell Isle/Coffee Pot Bayou bridge pictured earlier on my run. So I rode to Publix via Snell Isle and Coffee Pot Boulevard.


Don’t you always think that YOUR baby is the best looking and smartest one in daycare?

Here’s what I bought:


All of that easily fit into my saddle bags with room to spare. I put the ground turkey, cheese (on sale), and veggies in the insulated middle section of the bag with a couple of freezer packs that I had brought from home.

On the way home I took the more direct but MUCH less scenic route of 40th Avenue, just to compare the time and distance. Here are the stats:

garmin bike may 23

The first lap was from my house to Publix via Snell Isle. The second lap is from Publix to my house via 40th Avenue. Quite a bit longer going through Snell Isle, but I would always go that way if I had the time. Much less traffic and road debris and much more scenic.

The whole trip from when I left my house to when I got back to my house was right around one hour. My ice packs were still totally frozen. Biking to the grocery store gives me that same sense of satisfaction that running (or biking) to the gym gives me. It’s functional. The car stays home. Love it.

So, part of the reason I needed to go to the store was to get a few things to make dinner. I was making my favorite Ratatouille Sloppy Joes from Clean Eating magazine. I’ve made this recipe several times (here and here for example) and it is a total favorite around here.

It seems so meaty, but look how many veggies it has:

sloppy joe-1

Here’s a comparison of the amount of veggies vs. the amount of meat in this dish (and the meat even has all of those onions an garlic in it bulking it up in this picture):

sloppy joe-2

The finished product:

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-RatSloppyJoes

Dinner for the boys and me:

sloppy joe-1-2

Here is the recipe (click to see larger).

sloppy joe recipe-1

Yes, Chad, I know that the internet boogiemen will be here any minute. I just have to say that Clean Eating is my favorite food magazine. Everybody should buy it.

I substituted ground turkey for bison and also squash for zucchini (because that’s what we got in our CSA share this week). Also, I usually just put a few shakes of Tabasco sauce in instead of cayenne pepper. I served it on whole wheat pasta instead of on buns. Seriously unbelievably good.

While I was cooking, Chewie was on drop patrol as always.

sloppy joe-3

I know he at least got a bite of squash. I was multi-tasking and emptying the dishwasher while cooking.

After Chad got home from work we went on our family evening walk (1.6 miles).

So total exercise for today:

Walk 4 miles
Run 7 miles
Bike 7 miles

Not too bad. It doesn’t really seem excessive. No double digits. I’m good, right?

What about these:

womens half confirm

rock n roll half confirm