Mothers & Sons Run

June 4, 2011 at 6:15 pm

The whole family was up before the sun this morning to head to Tampa for the Spring into Summer 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run in Al Lopez Park.


I ate my breakfast in the car on the way there (see my “I Eat” page for all of my food for today).


It was a beautiful morning and surprisingly nobody seemed too grumpy.


This was a small race hosted by a running club in Tampa to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters.


They didn’t have an expo or mail race packets…they just had packet pick-up before the race.


I had to pick up three packets, three t-shirts and three bibs because the boys were running this morning too! But first, they had to hit the playground. Al Lopez Park has a really amazing playground.


You know Cal LOVES to climb. Mack too.


We met our friends, the C’s, at the park. My friend Kathy and I were representing IRunMommies in the 5K and wore our super bright team uniforms.


I actually kind of love these colors. At least we were easy to spot! This was the first race I’ve done that Chad attended and it was fun to have a photographer. I had to be my normal goofball self.


These were right at the start.


We passed the husbands and boys (Kathy also has two boys) at the 2-mile mark. Ponytails were flying.


Two-mile goofs.


Al Lopez Park is really beautiful and the whole 5K was two different loops (an inside loop and an outside loop) through the park. Kathy and I stuck together the whole time and before we knew it we were approaching the finish.


Crossing the finish line (final goofiness):


See my “Still Running” page for the stats for this run.

After chugging some water and grabbing some bagels and snack bars (which I stuck in our bag to bring home) it was time for the kids’ one-mile run.


The boys were excited to run their first race ever.


These boys have all known each other since preschool/babyhood. There may have been some trash-talking at the starting line.


Mack and Josh (the little brothers) were anxious to get going:


But first the lady in charge led all the kids through some stretches and reminded them to be careful and safe and that this was all just for FUN!


Then they were off:


Mack had his game face going strong.


Cal and Zack were behind some adults as they passed us at the start so I missed a starting picture of them.

Minutes later who did we see booking it to the finish line?


Mack was the first of our crew to come in.


Soon he was followed by Josh:



And moments later…the big brothers, Cal and Zack!


I was pretty sure that Zack was drafting in the wake of Cal’s hair, but Cal told me that Zack let him go ahead so he could break the tape (which they obviously held back up between every break in the kids). What a nice kid!


I’m so proud of all of our boys for finishing their first race! Cookies for everyone!


And finisher’s ribbons:


Big thanks to our handsome husbands for coming out to support us and take pictures and watch the kids while we ran!


After the C’s left the park we had to head back to the playground for a few minutes so Chad could play some more.



Finally we left the park and Chad brought me home. He and the boys went out to run some errands, have lunch at Chick-fil-a and see the new X-men movie.

This really was a fun race. Small races and big races are just so different. I like the big ones for the excitement of the crowds. But the small races are so nice and relaxed. This was a really good one. Look at all the swag:


Of course, that was swag for three people. I picked up marathon bars and mini-larabars for the boys and me after we finished running, not realizing we already had the same bars in our swag bags. But, that’s what they were there for, I guess. Also, Kathy and I both won $25 gift certificates to running stores in the bib number raffles that they did. Since this was a small, inexpensive race to begin with, that pretty much made the race free for both of us and our boys! Awesome.

I have to say that I have run bigger, more expensive races and had much more disappointing swag bags and overall experiences. Way to go “Take…the First Step”!

Once I got home and had a little snack I was feeling the desire to add another layer of sweat onto the dried one that I already had. I decided to ride my bike in for it’s 30-day tune-up. I get free 30, 90, and 180-day tune-ups for buying my bike at the Trek store.


I really love the people who work at this store. Ann, the super nice young woman who first showed me my bike, has been there every single time I have gone in. I think she lives there. She always remembers me and is so helpful. She also told me she teaches free yoga classes in the store on Monday evenings, so I may have to check that out some time.


I couldn’t leave the store empty-handed (they have so much cool stuff in there), so I bought a Trek water bottle. The dude in the background is working on Star.


I also bought shoe cages which “the dude” installed for me. Something new to get used to!


My Mom got me a flat tire repair kit for my birthday which came with a small tire pump that attaches to the bike frame. So dude (must ask him his name next time) also installed that for me and attached the kit under my seat. The kit is VERY cool. It also included a coupon for a free tube which I picked up while I was there too (it stays in the kit under the seat for when you need it).

The whole tune-up and installations took about 30 minutes while I waited and then I headed home.


Oh how I love my Coffee Pot Bayou route to EVERYWHERE.


Round trip to the Trek store and back was a little over eight miles. By the time I got home it was after 1:00 and I was starving so I made my huge salad. Then, finally, I took a shower and desweatified myself. So nice.

The rest of the afternoon has been chilling and doing laundry (always). The boys just got home and I think between the three of them they told me the entire story of the movie, scene by scene. I do love the X-men (especially Wolverine…well, Hugh Jackman, but apparently he’s barely in this movie) so I think I’ll have to catch it on Netflix eventually. Sitting in a theater just wasn’t what I wanted to do this afternoon.

Now Chad is making some yummy-smelling salmon for dinner. I missed my afternoon snack somehow, probably because of my late-ish lunch, so my stomach is majorly grumbling.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far…I am!