A Restful Monday

June 6, 2011 at 6:27 pm

This was our next to next to last walk to school until the fall.

up to lunch-1-2

No backpacks this week! Just lunchboxes and bags of toys. Obviously they are learning a lot in the last three days of school.

I had contemplated coming home and going for a run (Mondays USED to be my long run days). However, yesterday I was feeling so run-down all day and my right hip has been hurting [as it does periodically due to my vagal torsion on that side…my thigh bone sort of turns out slightly in the hip socket, causing my right foot to turn out slightly], so I decided to take it easy and not run.

So that meant I could have a big, slow breakfast like I love. I had fancy oatmeal and fancy eggbeaters. All of my food for today will be on my “I Eat” page by the end of the day. While I was eating my breakfast I checked my e-mail and remembered that Cal was supposed to bring a plain t-shirt to school today for all his friends to sign. I was getting ready to get in the car and run a shirt up to the school when I realized I could just bike up there! Duh. A perfect little bit of exercise (it’s 2.3 miles round trip) to add to my walking for the day. Even though it wasn’t much it totally kept me from feeling like a slacker for not running.

up to lunch-5

When I was almost home I noticed (not for the first time) this awesome cactus growing on my neighbor’s palm tree.

up to lunch-2

It’s amazing when it is all covered with blooms like this.

up to lunch-3

They open up in the evening, so I’ll have to try to remember to take a picture on our family evening walk tonight.

After I got back home and took a shower it was time to take Chewie for his yearly check-up and shots. He is always eager to go somewhere in the car.

up to lunch-6

He has been known to jump into stranger’s open car doors because he loves car rides so much. He sits up on his hind legs in the car so he can see out of the windows more easily.

up to lunch-7

Little did he know that our destination was not one of his favorites.

up to lunch-8

As soon as we got out of the car his demeanor changed.

up to lunch-9

He got the worried beagle look.

up to lunch-10

But he did great and the vet said he seemed extremely healthy. He was a trooper through getting his shots and he got to gobble a treat in the car on the ride home (he refused to eat it while we were still in the vet’s building).

After bringing Chewie home I decided to run out to the home improvement stores to look for some sort of storage solution for this:

up to lunch-14

This stuff is all piled up in our carport under our house. It used to live in a small storage shed along with the boys’ bikes but now that my new bike is in there also there is no room for this junk. It’s mostly beach and pool stuff.

up to lunch-11

up to lunch-12

These big box stores are right across the street from each other. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything I thought would work. I was hoping to find some sort of super huge jumbo plastic bins. The biggest one I saw was 50 gallons and I didn’t think it was big enough. Any ideas?

But I didn’t come home empty-handed because I did have a couple of copies of our house key made at Home Depot. I will not lock myself out of the house again!

Also, I stopped by a produce stand on the way home and picked up a few things.

up to lunch-13

up to lunch-15

I’m missing our CSA veggies already!

When I got home it was after 1:00, so my stomach was grumbling. I made my huge salad, as usual. I’m working my way through using up all of the radishes that we got in our last CSA share. We got big bunches of two different varieties:

up to lunch-1

I had never seen radishes like this before. They are huge and kind of obscene!

up to lunch-16

But they taste just like regular radishes. Anybody have any radish recipes? I have roasted them before and they are pretty good that way (what isn’t?). I feel like I have enough radishes to last a couple of months just using them in salads.

This afternoon the magical carpool brought the boys home, Joey Z. came over to play, and I did laundry. Same old. I made a big cabbage/chicken sausage/bean mixture for dinner (also had onions, garlic and mixed bell peppers), served over brown rice.


The boys loved it and Mack said I have to make it again. I think I’ve made this before. I don’t know. I just throw a bunch of stuff in there.


Luckily our boys will eat almost anything! Good boys.

Chad’s home…time to go walk.

Happy Monday!