Test Run

June 12, 2011 at 9:27 am

This is a phone blogging test, since I haven’t phone blogged since Tahoe in Feb. If I do phone blog today and tomorrow it will probably be short, more frequent posts, as long posts on the phone get very cumbersome. Plus, they are hard to proofread, so please excuse any mistakes or weird formatting. Finally, all the photos are cellphone photos, so they may not be that great.

First, the tooth fairy came last night.

Macks Gap
Second, I got up early to go for a five mile run.

Sunrise at St Raphaels
I ran to the Coffee Pot Bayou bridge and back.

Coffee pot bridge
I figured I pre-burned off at least one margerita, right?

Third, when I got back home the power went out for an hour for no apparent reason. So I am drinking lukewarm coffee, showering in the dark, feeding the boys granola bars and trying to finish packing with no power.

My breakfast:


The power just came back on. Time to coat us all with sunscreen and get to the beach!