I’m so Versatile

June 21, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Well, at least MJ (who recently revealed on her blog that the initials stand for Marilyn Jean…what a sexy name!) thinks so. She gave me this award:

Versatile Badge

MJ, or emjayandthem, might possibly be the nicest person on the interwebs. Virtually meeting and getting to know people like MJ is one of the biggest reasons that I love blogging. Her posts are thoughtful, interesting, well-written and usually turn me into one of those people who nod their head at their computer and say, “Yes!” out loud even though no one else is around. Thank you for mentioning me and my tiny blog, (Sweet) MJ!

MJ says if someone gives you this award you are supposed to pass it on and give  some virtual “shout-outs” to other bloggers you follow and whom others might not yet have discovered.

The other rules are that you’re supposed to:

  1. publicly thank the award giver and link to them in your post
  2. tell your readers 7 things about yourself that you might not have already
  3. present this award to other bloggers whose work you enjoy
  4. contact those upon whom you bestow the award

Well, I thanked the giver (thank you again MJ!), but I am going to break the rules and totally wuss out on numbers 3 and 4. What I did instead is update my “blogroll”, or the list in the sidebar over there that says “On my Google Reader”. I trimmed this list to be just my favorite bloggers in my list. These are bloggers who I feel like I would like to hang out with! I would give this award to all of these bloggers for their honesty, eloquence, humor and kindness. However, I am not contacting anybody and thus am not passing on the “chain mail”. Sorry! I’m breaking the chain! Bad Luck! Whatever.

Okay, I’ll at least try to think of 7 things I haven’t told “my readers” (hello to my mother-in-law) on my blog. This is tough. I realize that I overshare on here. What haven’t I told?

1)  When I was really little I used to put on one of my Dad’s white undershirts and belt it with this stretchy metallic belt that we had (in my Mom’s vintage 1970’s wardrobe) and run around the neighborhood in just that and underwear, pretending to be Wonder Woman (I was obsessed with Lynda Carter). Mack now plays imaginary adventure games with himself on our family evening walks that I think are very similar to the way I used to play Wonder Woman when I was around his age.

2) I think feta cheese and olive is the best flavor combination ever. It is suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have I told this before?

3) You know I have flat feet, a vagal torsion of my right hip, high cholesterol, low thyroid and used to weigh 270 pounds. But did you know that I also have what is called a “road map” or “geographic tongue” and that it is split on top (just like my Mom’s). Fascinating, right? Talk about oversharing.

4) I showed Intercollegiate Hunter/Jumpers when I was in undergrad (that’s horses, in case you didn’t know) and also fox hunted with several Atlanta-area hunts during that time (ah Lynn, those were the days). Along those same lines (and also with Lynn and my friend Michelle) I drove a horse & buggy wagon in local parades and for tourists in Helen, Georgia during leaf season.

5) My Great Grandmother was named “Caroline Melinda” and was called “Carrie”, but my parents named me “Melinda Caroline” and always called me “Caroline”. I also have a first cousin named Melinda and a first cousin named Carrie. I have 30-something first cousins, so there are lots of name repeats (my Mom was one of 10 kids).

6) I was on the varsity tennis team in high school. There was no “junior varsity” team. I think anybody who wanted to play was on the team. My best friend, Alison, and I were ranked the last two on the team. When we played other schools we got pitted against the last people on their teams, so sometimes we actually won! But mostly we just played challenge matches against each other, battling over the coveted “next to last place” on the team. We were happy with that.

7) I was a very “middle of the pack” student in law school. However, I did win the “American Jurisprudence Award” in International Law for writing the best final exam in that class in my third year. I now remember nothing about International Law. Also when I was a 3L I won the Student Bar Association’s “Most Improved Student” award which came with a $500 scholarship! This was directly related to my having obtained a job in the law library the previous semester. Boring job in the law library = plenty of time to read and study.

Geesh, that was hard. I’m not even sure that I haven’t shared any of that stuff before. This blog is so random.

Love you MJ!