Where I janked up my arm

June 27, 2011 at 5:11 pm

(Thursday, 6/23/11)

I took the boys for day four of their respective camps this morning without incident, thank goodness. Today got off to a much better start.

Yesterday when Mack was helping me make PB&Js we ran into this:

empty pnut butter jar

So you know what that means…OOIAJ (overnight oats in a jar) for breakfast today!

Last night I put 1/3 cup of rolled oats, 2/3 cup of almond milk, a tiny bit of water, a couple of tablespoons of raisins and unsweetened coconut flakes, and one teaspoon of chia seeds into the jar and stirred it up well. This morning I had perfect yummy oats.


I added pineapple, raspberries and strawberries to fill up the jar. So good.


The jar was pretty peanut-buttery which was good because I needed lots of fuel for my big adventure today.

Garmin bike map jun 23

I’m the yellow line with the black dots…I biked eleven miles, interspersing yoga and swimming in with the biking. My bike was heavily loaded down to accommodate all of my planned activities.


I attempted to take a picture of my weird messy hair knot that I have adopted as my new summer do.


It is so hot that I can not tolerate my hair touching my neck AT ALL. It is so long now that even in a pony tail it touches my neck and back and I can’t stand it. Thus, the knot.

Even though I went to the gym today, I decided not to do my fast mile. Looking back at my workout calendar, I realized that I had run for the previous 6 days in a row. I decided I needed a day off of running, plus I had plans for lots of exercise today without the running.

So I biked to the gym for Bodyflow.


However, the Bodyflow instructor had to be out for some reason and the sub she was able to find was not a Flow instructor. So she just did this sort of mish-mash of yoga and Pilates. I missed the Tai-chi, which really makes Bodyflow so flowy, but the class was alright. The most annoying thing about it was that she only did a 50 minute class and just skipped savasana (relaxation) which is my favorite part. Oh well.

So here’s where I janked up my arm. I crashed my bike. In the covered parking lot under my gym. Going about .05 miles per hour.  I had just gotten on my bike and was barely moving . I was trying to adjust my shorts and my bike is all top-heavy due to my yoga mat and the other gear I had and it just sort of got away from me. As I was slowly (it all happened in slow motion) falling over to the right I had the thought, “My feet are stuck in my toe cages!” Boom.

Amazingly no one witnessed this graceful move. I know it’s all because I was just bragging to Chad the other night that I was really feeling comfortable with the toe cages and felt like I had become pretty proficient getting in and out of them. Right.

Anyway, my right shin and knee and right wrist and forearm took the brunt of the impact. Also, something rammed very hard into my right quad and I know that is going to be a nice big purple bruise. What hurts the worst right now, though, is my right wrist and arm. I instinctively stuck my palm out to blunt my fall, so of course I jammed my wrist. This is exactly how I broke my wrist in high school (using my small wrist to blunt a fall of my huge body). Stupid instincts.

When I rode horses in college everyone always said you weren’t a real rider until you had fallen at least three times. I think I fell off of horses at least a dozen times (and yes, one fall resulted in a fractured elbow). So I guess to be a real “biker” I will need to fall at least two more times. I’m just surprised that it took me over a month to have my first fall! And just like with the horses, I got right back on the beast and tried to shake it off.

I headed down 4th Street on the sidewalk and at 54th Avenue I cut over to 1st Street to take the lovely bike path to Coffee Pot Bayou.


I was headed to North Shore pool!


I am always, always moved by the beauty of this route even though I have done it dozens of times now.

pier and pool

The rainbow/pelican is the logo for the City of St. Petersburg.


I previously ranted about the fact that all of the public pools only had public swimming from 1-4 p.m.


However, when I looked at North Shore’s website last night I realized that they actually have public swim from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Awesome! That meant I could bike to the pool and swim earlier and still have time to bike home in time to go pick up Cal. Yay for North Shore Pool!


Just like on Monday, I did 100 lengths, or 2500 yards, or 1.42 miles. I did the exact same workout…6 X 400 IM, alternating strokes in the order of breast, free, back, fly. Then a 100 IM at the end just doing one length of each stroke leisurely. I kept better watch on the time this time and I did that in about 1:05. I kicked this pool’s butt.


It is amazing to me that while I am swimming I just feel great. It is total pleasure. Then I get out and walk around for a little bit and go, “Whoa, I think I just did a bunch of exercise without realizing it.” Then I’m super sore for days. At least that’s how it went after Monday. And right now, my arm/leg (minor) injury combined with a completely spent body (especially my shoulders and upper back) have me feeling sort of zombie-like. Okay, I will admit that swimming is exercise.

But I wasn’t done…I still had to bike home. At least Star had a nice view while I was swimming.


Here are the total stats on my bike riding for the day:

garmin bike jun 23

Lap 1 is from home to the gym. Lap 2 is from the gym to the pool. Lap 3 is from the pool to home. I made it home just in time to change clothes (I think this was my 6th clothing change of the day already) and go pick up Cal.

Notice anything left out of my day so far? It was 2:00 and I hadn’t eaten lunch. I was beyond starving. But I had to fetch #1. Here’s how I found him at College for Kids:


Screens for everyone!

Cal created an ice cream sundae collage in art class today.


Once I got him home I shoved a big salad with leftover beans & greens dumped on top down my throat. It was too ugly to take a picture of, but it was delicious.

Mack was still at karate camp, but today is the boys’ regular karate class day, so I took Cal to karate to join Mack for their classes. While they were in karate class I went to Tour de Pizza to get our weekly pie. I’m pretty sure this is Matt’s (the owner’s) car:


Subtle, right?


I ordered the pizza and while they were making it I went into Publix to get a few things. While I was in Publix a miracle occurred. It rained!


The sun was bright and shining and it was pouring down rain.


I love it when that happens. I couldn’t find a rainbow, though. The rain seemed sort of miraculous since we haven’t had any to speak of this entire month. It really did cool things off a bit, but there was literally steam rising everywhere from the ground. I hope we are moving into a normal summer weather pattern finally!

So pizza for dinner, pool night for Chad, late to bed for the boys (I usually let them stay up until almost 9 on Thursdays), early to bed for me!

I’m hoping that my janked up wrist and arm will feel a little better tomorrow. I have Bodypump and I’m going to do my best. We’ll see…