Mack gets a haircut

July 5, 2011 at 6:17 pm

(Tuesday, 6/28/11)

This morning I made breakfast for the boys then we drove Joey and Jillian Z. to their swim team practice. They can ride their bikes over there (it’s only like half a mile), but I drove them this morning so that we could get to the gym more quickly after their practice. After driving them over there, I had my breakfast.


Breakfast burrito made with a Flat Out wrap, eggbeaters, mushrooms, scallions and a bit of reduced fat cheese; fruit; three cups of coffee.

After picking J & J up from swim team we all headed to the gym.

I did 10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up, 10 minutes on the treadmill (down to 9:35!), then 10 more minutes on the elliptical to cool down.

treadmill elliptical

Usually I can get decent pictures on the elliptical, but for some reason I was having a really hard time this morning! The elapsed time on the first one shows 11:45, so it took me 1:45 to get that picture. On the last one, I gave up after 22 seconds. Nobody cares about these stupid pictures anyway!

After all that it was time for bodyflow. Susan, one of the regular instructors, was back and it was nice to have a normal, full bodyflow class again. My shoulders and back were pretty tight and a little sore after swimming yesterday, so it felt great. Jillian did bodyflow with me.

Beast + Beauty

Yikes. I look ROUGH after bodyflowing.


After the gym we came home and everybody had lunch. For me:


Huge salad featuring avocado, ham and cheese. Oh, and the very last of that huge bunch of radishes we got in our last CSA share over a month ago (May 21st)!


Yay for green bags and hearty root veggies.

You may also notice in that photo of my salad above that I am back on the sauce. I have been drinking way too many caffeine free diet cokes again. I’ve been drinking several a day (with lunch/dinner/snacks). They are just so darn delicious even though I know all those chemicals are not good for me, especially the phosphoric acid which leaches calcium out of your bones. Another good reason I should take a multi-vitamin, but I haven’t been doing that either. Crap.

The boys had reading and quiet time and pretty soon it was time to head out. Mack had an appointment.


He wanted a buzz cut…

Mack before and after

a very smart choice for the summer. Afterwards, he couldn’t stop touching it. Buzz cuts feel so cool.


After the haircut we were headed to karate, but first we went by the library to pick up yet another Dragonball Z book for Cal.


While the boys were in karate I went to Publix.


For dinner tonight I made turkey burgers, corn on the cob (super cheap and so good right now) and asparagus roasted with Garlic Gold.


When Chad got home we went on our family walk and afterwards I headed out to Vinoy Park to meet up with my IRunMommies group.


Although I have been part of the group for a while, this was my first time actually doing a training run with them.


They run on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, neither of which have been times that I normally run.


I have been a member of the Facebook group for a while now, though, and they share lots of great information about races, sales, and general running (and mommy) stuff.


I have run two races (here, and here) sporting the IRunMommies uniform. It’s really fun to run a race as part of a team.


We ran along the downtown waterfront right at sunset.


It was really lovely and the recent rains seem to have helped the humidity a bit.


I ALMOST think I felt a cool(ish) breeze at times.


It helped that I was extremely sweaty.


It was really dark by the time we finished and I took that photo above with no flash, thus a slow exposure and lots of blur. But really, I think I prefer that to the blown-out flash look.


I really enjoyed my first run with the group and I think I am going to plan on doing all the Tuesday/Saturday runs with them that I can. I’ve been having such a hard time getting motivated to run outside in the heat. Since school has been out my “normal” running schedule has gone out the window anyway.


I did a little under four miles total. The stats are on my “Still Running” page. Thanks girls…it was great to finally meet all of you in real life!

When I got home Chad and I watched the season premiere of Weeds on Tivo. Oh, that Nancy Botwin. You so crazy. Thanks for making us feel like awesome parents.