From Sunrise to Sunset

July 27, 2011 at 5:57 pm

(Written Tuesday, 7/19/11)

Chewie and I took a sunrise walk this morning.


I was amazed by how many people we saw out walking this morning in our little neighborhood.


We took our usual route by all the canals. It’s about 2.3 miles total.


It was already steamy at 6:30 in the morning, but Chewie and I still enjoyed our walk.

Chewie and cat

Once home I made breakfast for the boys and for myself.


I had bran flakes with fruit and eggbeater scramble featuring fresh spinach, sweet peppers and shallots. Coffee x3.

After breakfast, I put a two pound bag of dried pinto beans in the crockpot (that I had soaked overnight)…


and we grabbed the Z. kids and headed to the gym.


I could not bring myself to do a fast mile on the treadmill. My last “fast” mile was 9:27, and I doubt I could do a 10-minute mile today. I just wasn’t ready to face it. So I just did thirty minutes on the elliptical.


Then Bodyflow with Jillian and one of her friends. They are so cute and such sweet girls.


Also, one of my gym buddies, Ieda, told me welcome back. She is this super nice lady who always saves me a spot at Bodyflow because she knows I like to be by the windows (then it’s like hot yoga, ha) and she likes to be in the back next to me. She said she had saved me a spot on our usual Tuesdays and Saturdays the last two weeks, but I never came! I feel bad that I let Ieda down. I promised her I would see her Saturday!

Once home I made a big salad…


and watched the second episode of Design Star. I am loving this season so far.

I also did a little laundry and photo editing and blog reading. I had a snack.


Pretty soon it was time to take the boys to karate. The beans were al dente by this time, so I turned the crock pot off before we left but just left the beans in there.


While they were at karate I went to Publix.


When I took the groceries home the crock pot had cooled enough to drain the beans and they were the perfect texture of doneness.


I left them in the sink to drain and cool and did a little prep for dinner. In anticipation of having beans again I planned to make beans and greens for dinner, so I bought some bagged collards at Publix.


I was excited to try these (they also have kale, mustard and turnip greens) since prepping greens is the most time-consuming thing. However, I was kind of disappointed that there were MANY thick veins included in the bag which I had to trim and remove.


It was still quicker than starting with CSA farm greens since they were pre-washed and somewhat cut up, but there is no way those veins would be edible. Well, maybe if you were making slow-cooked southern style greens, but that’s not how I make them.

When I went back to pick the boys up from karate they were both super excited.


They both were asked to test for the next belt soon. We knew Cal’s testing was coming up, but we were happily surprised that Mack was also asked to test. This is great because when they both move up (Cal will move up to purple and Mack to blue, which is totally arbitrary because every type of martial arts and every karate school does the whole belt thing differently it seems) they will now be in the same class. That means 45 minutes of karate twice a week instead of 90 minutes! Yippee skippee.

When we got home from karate I got to work on my beans and greens.

I did it my usual way. First I browned one link of chicken Italian sausage with one onion and a few cloves of chopped garlic. Then added the collard greens (which I had steamed for a couple of minutes in the microwave first so they would already be softened) and two cups of pinto beans. I seasoned it all with some Adobo seasoning (I’m not really sure what this is…but it’s salty).


I served it over whole wheat couscous (which is what I always use when I don’t have time to make rice, since couscous only takes five minutes).



We all ate it up. We love us some beans and greens in this house.

I bagged up the rest of the pinto beans in one-cup servings and stuck them in the freezer.


Yay! Beans forever again.

After dinner we went on our family evening walk. I was kind of rushing us through it because I needed to get back home, change out of walking clothes and sneakers into running clothes and sneakers, and meet my IRunMommies group at Vinoy Park.

We did the same route that I have done both of the previous times that I ran with them.


But it’s a really nice route with lots of ins-and-outs that you can take or not to customize the distance.


It was a really nice (albeit hot) evening.


I was SLOW and it was painful after two weeks of not running.


My Garmin conked out after the first quarter mile, but we I did this exact route and distance before and it was 3.8 miles. I have no idea of my time since I had no Garmin, but I did take a few walking breaks (and snapped pictures during them).


So I was walking at sunrise and running at sunset (and ellipticaling and bodyflowing in between). I’d call that a good day. I’m back!