What, it’s August already?

August 11, 2011 at 5:49 pm

(written Tuesday, 08/02/11)

How did this happen? Where did the summer go? August means back to school. August means there’s only three more months of summer left (if you live in Florida). It really did seem to sneak up on me. We have three weeks until school starts, and we plan to pack those three weeks with as much summer fun as possible.

So, I haven’t been writing blog posts daily. I haven’t been writing much at all. I haven’t been taking pictures of my breakfast, laundry, Publix, or much of anything. I’m definitely in a blog-lull right now. Maybe back-to-school will mean back-to-blogging. We’ll see. I just need it to be low pressure right now. So I’ll write when I feel like it.

Things have been happening, however. I have been going to the gym for ellipticalizing, Bodypump and Bodyflow. I have been going on family evening walks. I have NOT been running. Just. Don’t. Want. To. There is the little matter of a half marathon that I signed up for in November, so I AM going to get back to it. My training plan officially starts in a couple of weeks and I will finish that half marathon…run, walk or crawl. I want to run as much as possible, though.

I also haven’t been doing that great with the eating. Too much of the wrong thing. It always goes hand in hand with me. Either I’m eating right and exercising, or not and not. I have been maintaining the bare minimum of my exercise routine, but not putting forth the extra effort that I know I need to. I feel like I’ve been hanging on to maintenance with my fingernails all summer. Back to school will definitely be back to the basics for me.

Other things that have been happening…we had a new thermostat installed to go with our new air conditioner. The fancy programmable thermostat we were supposed to get with our new unit did not work when they first installed it (of course), so they put in a temporary cheapo thermostat and had to come back to swap it out. This took four phone calls and made me waste a couple of days for what doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. They were also supposed to install a new HEPA filter, but of course the guy didn’t have it when he showed up, so I have now made three more phone calls and scheduled it, but they didn’t show up. I feel like I have been dealing with air conditioning issues for a year.

Loving summer television with the new seasons of Project Runway and Design Star under way. And Entourage is back! Out of the new shows, I’m really thinking Wilfred on F/X is my favorite. It is just so funny and twisted and deep.

(written Wednesday, 8/3/11)

So I wrote all that yesterday afternoon. Then the boys had karate and we had dinner and went for our family evening walk when Chad got home. On the walk I started thinking that I really needed to go for a run. I think writing about not running above is what really got me thinking about it. I realized it was Tuesday and that my IRunMommies group would be running, so I decided that I just needed to suck it up and go. So after our walk, I changed clothes and shoes and got my gear and headed to Vinoy Park to meet my group.


I knew it would be slow and hard, but I just made up my mind to do at least three miles.


I’m sorry, but you must endure even more sunset over St. Pete pictures. It’s too lovely when I’m out there not to take pictures.


Plus, taking pictures gives me an excuse to stop and walk for a few seconds.




In all I did a four-mile route and ran three miles of that. The stats are on my “Still Running” page. I was just happy that I made the decision to go run. Must keep running!


Thanks IRunMommies. You got me off the couch once again.