Feel-good Friday

September 9, 2011 at 3:31 pm

We finally got to walk to school this morning! It was actually sprinkling just a tiny bit when we left, but I decided we were going to walk anyway. It was still much cooler this morning than it has been, like in the mid 70’s, and it felt pretty nice. I wouldn’t say it felt fall-like, but it was a definite improvement over August. Of course, it was completely dark when we left at 6:30. Extremely slow shutter:


Today was “Bucs” day at school. It’s part of an effort to get a grant for the school from the NFL.


Chewie wishes he could go to school with the boys.


Finally on the way home the sun was coming up.


I love pink skies at sunrise.


Another excellent thing about the walk to school this morning…Chewie pooped in the yards of the three worst sprinkler offenders! Yes, he poops a lot. I’m usually very diligent about picking it up, but not today. Karma is a bitch.

But not for me! Check out my awesome parking karma at the gym today:


I did 40 minutes on the elliptical…


then Bodypump.


However, I was thrown a curve ball in Bodypump. We didn’t use a bench and it was actually “Bodypump Express”, or just a 30 minute class. We only did half of the tracks (today was warm-up, squats, back/legs/hamstrings, shoulders and biceps…apparently they will alternate tracks so that you get the full class every other week). This is because there is a new half-hour class right after Bodypump on Fridays, called CXWorx.


The instructor called it “core obliteration.” Yikes.


You know I don’t really take well to unexpected changes in my routine and I am always scared to try new group fitness classes. But I stayed and it was really really really tough. I couldn’t complete any of the tracks. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to sit or stand up straight tomorrow. But I’ll probably keep doing it on Fridays. Lord knows my core could use some obliteration.

At least my car was right next to the entrance when I walked out!


This afternoon I went back by Publix to get some more of those “Ice” drinks that were on sale that I mentioned yesterday, but sadly they were no longer on sale. I have no idea how the Publix sales run. I am obviously not a “couponer”. At Publix, I saw this sign:


September is Youth Soccer Month in this house too! Both boys are playing soccer this fall and their first practice/game is tonight. We have to be there from 5:15 until after 8:00, so I made a portable dinner to bring with us (their games are back to back, so they can eat during each other’s game). I made some Barilla tortellini and when I was figuring out my portion to eat later (since I’m tracking calories on my “I Eat” page for a while) I was annoyed by the labeling on the package.

barilla tortellini reduced-1

Seems like they can’t make up their minds. The front says, “Dinner for 2” and the nutrition label says 4 servings per container. Seriously, the food industry should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder we’re all so fat.

I have to head out the door in a minute to take Chad his soccer clothes (we sort of got roped into being coaches for Cal’s team…I’m the “sideline” coach which means I just yell at the kids when it’s time for them to switch out players) and then head to Azalea Park. Cal is going to a sleepover birthday party after soccer.

I’m sure I’ll have more about soccer later. See ya.