Running and printing Saturday

September 10, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Soccer got rained out last night.

radar map sep 9

We are definitely in the middle of the rainy season here in Florida. So instead of going to soccer, Joey Z. came over to play for a while.


At least the soccer bag is now all packed for next week.

This morning I managed to get up at 5:15 so that I could drink a cup of coffee before meeting my IrunMommies group for a run at 6:00. It was very dark for most of the run since sunrise was not until around 7:15. Here I am at about my half-way point which was around 2.5 miles.


One of the sweet moms in our group had set up a water station in her driveway for us near that point which was wonderful. I managed to run with no walking up until then.

All the other moms (I think) kept going for another mile or so before turning around, but I made the water stop my turn-around point as I was really just shooting to do at least four miles. On my return route I stopped a couple of times to take photos.

Downtown St. Pete:



The brightening sky:


On the Coffee Pot Bayou bridge:


North Shore Beach and actual sunrise:


My strategy today was to take off before everyone else, run a shorter distance than everyone else, and thus end up back at our starting point close to the same time as the rest of the group. It worked!


Yes, they are all faster than me, but who cares. At least I’m out there and they are all super nice. No one has attempted to boot me out of the group because of my 13 minute miles yet.

In all I ran five miles today. I had wanted to do at least four, so I was really happy with that. I stopped my Garmin every time I stopped running (to take a picture or to walk a bit), so the five miles was five miles of actual running. I’m going to stop doing that, though, because I plan to walk/run the half marathon in November so I need to start seeing my total actual distance including the walking. The stats for my run today are on my “Still Running” page.

Apparently my Garmin thinks I can walk (or run) on water:

garmin map run sept 10

After I got home and ate some breakfast I headed to the gym for Bodyflow.


I am very sore today from that CXWorx workout yesterday, mostly in my abs, obliques and back. Also, after running five miles this morning my quads were a little sore and tight. So Bodyflow felt really good. It was also really hard. I think I sweated more at Bodyflow than I did running five miles! I could definitely tell that I had not been to a Bodyflow class since early August, and my body really needed it. It was hard but felt great, especially the hip-opener track.

This afternoon we are just hanging out and listening to the thunder. Cal is taking a nap because he got very little sleep at the sleepover birthday party that he went to last night. I’m watching Project Runway on Tivo and doing laundry. Oh, and printing!

That may not sound very exciting, but I have not ever been able to print at home from this laptop which I’ve had since April, and wasn’t able to print from my last laptop for a very long time prior to that. We have three printers (a b&w laser printer, a color inkjet printer and a little PictureMate photo printer) and somehow the communication between all our home computers (we have four…two laptops and two desktops) and printers got screwed up on our home network. The problem was complicated and Chad works 80 hours a week so he never had time to work on it and I’m pretty clueless about that kind of thing. Every time I wanted to print something I had to save it on a thumb drive then walk over to one of the other computers and do it from there, or e-mail it to Chad at work to print. Anyway, this afternoon Chad fixed it all finally! It feels very liberating to have printing capabilities from my laptop. I want to print everything!

Chad is cooking tilapia tonight. I’m still posting all my food on my “I Eat” page. It’s fascinating stuff. I’m starting to feel back in control of my eating again after all the summer vacation hedonism and gluttony. It’s amazing how much better just a few days of proper eating makes you feel. Finally getting back to BodyFlow and running with the IrunMommies makes me feel like the exercise is coming back online as well. I’ve got my eyes on the holidays! They’ll be here before we know it. Maybe I’ll have to write a new “Five Point Plan for Healthy Holidays” like I did last year, or just try to follow the same one.

Okay, I’m rambling now and really have nothing else to say. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Did you realize that today is 9-10-11? Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9! Cal just told me all that.