A somber workout

September 11, 2011 at 2:08 pm

This is what happens when Cal is not allowed to watch television (or have any screens)…


That is white duct tape. I didn’t know he was doing this until after the fact. I told him it was going to hurt when he took it off.


Mommy’s always right. I’m not sure his eyebrows survived.

That was last night. This morning, Cal helped me make waffles (since he was bored because of the whole “no screens” thing).


I can’t verify whether or not he still has eyebrows because of all that hair.

All of my food for the day will be on my “I Eat” page, but here are the boys’ breakfasts:


You can find my “somewhat healthier” waffle recipe in this post. Just in case you are wondering, I use a scant cup for each waffle and make 5 waffles from the recipe (the edges may not be completely filled in). In that case each whole waffle is around 300 calories.

After breakfast we headed to the gym.


First up was 45 minutes on the elliptical…


which was 45 minutes of somber reflection about 9/11, since every single screen was showing 9/11 memorial coverage.


I was glad about that. It’s heart-wrenching to hear the stories, especially from the children who had to grow up without a parent (or without any parents). I am not an overly-sappy person but I definitely had a tear or two mixed in with my sweat.

Everyone in the blogosphere is sharing their “where were you?” stories from 9/11. We all remember it so clearly, don’t we?

I was sitting on the couch in my nursing gown with my three week old baby (Cal) watching the Today Show like I still do every morning. In the middle of their normal broadcast they cut in to say that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center buildings and nobody knew what was going on. I immediately called Chad at work and left him a voice mail about that.

A little while later the second plane hit the other tower. I left Chad another voice mail, this time saying they were speculating about it being a terrorist act. As each new startling fact emerged on the news I left Chad another message. Where was he? Turns out he was in some meeting and when he got out of it he got the real-time play by play through all my voicemails. I may have been freaking out a little like everyone else.

I will always remember 9/11 as the time when Cal was so fresh to the world and motherhood was so new to me. Just a few days after that some elderly lady was admiring him in a store and said, “I hope he is coming into a better world.” That really has stuck with me for some reason. I don’t think the world is better or worse that it has ever been. There have always been good people and evil people in the world. I just hope that I am adding to the world on the “good” side and I selfishly hope that none that I love are ever touched by the “evil”. And my heart truly goes out to those whose are.


After all the sappy ellipticalization, Bodypump:


I think by the Wednesday class I will be ready to jack up my weights to where they were before the August vacations. I was feeling pretty good today.

The rest of the day is football and PSP for Chad, reading and weekend homework for Cal (5th graders have weekend homework….joy), reading and playing “Racing Moto” on my phone for Mack, laundry and Tivo for me…and who knows what else. I’ll be getting things together for the new week. Happy Patriot’s Day. xoxoxo