Market fresh Tuesday

September 13, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Chad suggested that I change up the text/photo spacing on my blog to make it more easily readable so I’m going to try it. Tell me what you think (honey, I know you will because you always do).

Another walk to school this morning.

I’ve made it a secret goal to try to walk to school every morning this week. Five days in a row of getting up at 5:30 and then getting up at 5:15 on Saturday will be a feat. There was another beautiful full moon this morning.

Why is it that the full moon looks amazing IRL but dinky and no big deal in photos? Even when I have used my big DSLR instead of this little point and shoot it’s still the same.

We’re back to battling this in the mornings:

Notice how the bike lane is also full of debris? This was also on the down-hill side of a canal bridge so Chewie and I had to walk out in the street down a hill and just hope no cars come up behind us with their limited visibility. Seriously, why are people watering their lawns in St. Pete right now? It rains almost every day. The ground never even gets a chance to dry out. We don’t water our lawn and look how green it is:

Of course, our lawn is only about 20% grass and 80% weeds, but who cares? Looks good to me. It’s trash and recycling day obviously.

I had planned to ride my bike to the gym but then I checked my calendar and was reminded that the A/C people were supposed to come at 11:00 to put in a new air filter. This is step #63 in a 100-step A/C replacement process I think. We have been dealing with the A/C in one way or another for as long as I can remember.

Since Bodyflow is 10:00-11:00 I knew I would need to drive and also skip relaxation (the last 7-8 minutes) in order to get back home in time. So that was a double bummer since I really wanted to bike and relaxation is my favorite part of Bodyflow. Oh well…what can you do? I drove to the gym and first did 20 minutes on the elliptical:

Then Bodyflow minus relaxation. I guess I’ll just be uptight all day.

When I got back in my car and checked my phone I had three voicemails from the A/C people (I turn my ringer off when I’m in a group fitness class because I think it’s really rude when people’s phones ring during class…especially a yoga class when everyone is trying to be all Zen and “in the moment”). The guy had arrived at my house at 10:15 even though our appointment was at 11:00. He waited, though, and was really nice about it, so no big deal. I felt kind of bad, but not really.

It only took him a few minutes to replace the HEPA filter and he also left me with the permit for the whole A/C replacement job. Now the city has to come and inspect it, which I think will involve steps #64-82 of the process, including multiple phone calls and appointments for which they don’t show up or show up late or for some reason have to come back multiple times. Homeownership is awesome.

Anyways, after the nice A/C guy left I headed out to Fresh Market to get a few things that they didn’t have at Publix. Check out my parking karma (that’s my car on the right):

I totally judge how well I’m succeeding at being a good person by how good of a parking space I’m able to find on any given day. I’m must be doing stellar this week.

This was new since the last time I was at the Fresh Market:

The “salsa dip bar” looked very tempting, but I avoided it since I’m tracking calories right now and didn’t really need any dip. I have two containers of hummus that were BOGO at Publix last week still in my fridge. Next time, though, I’m loading up on dip. I did, however, buy one of each flavor of these “hint FIZZ” waters, since this blog has apparently turned into a flavored water review site:

I’ll let you know what I think when I try them.

After Fresh Market I came home for lunch and the Design Star finale (still haven’t finished it, so no spoilers please!). Then it was time to go pick up the boys from school. They had karate this afternoon, then we came home and I made dinner.

Tonight we had Seared Miso Pork with Udon Noodles and Tamari Sugar Snap Peas (click to see it larger).

The recipe is from this book which I got last Christmas but have not made anything out of until now.

One of the reasons I went to Fresh Market was to get udon noodles which they didn’t have at Publix.

I shouldn’t have bothered because I couldn’t tell much difference between these and regular lo-mien noodles or even just fettuccine for that matter. But I’m always happy to go to Fresh Market, so that’s okay.

The boys’ dinner:


My dinner and all of my food from today will be on my “I Eat” page later, after I am sure I’m done eating for the day.

After trying it Cal gave it two thumbs up and Mack gave it one thumb up, but I think he was being generous. His face looks kind of ambivalent. He didn’t really care for the lemon zest flavor and Cal actually said later that he didn’t really like the lemon either.

Chad didn’t care for it either. Note to self: if a savory recipe calls for lemon zest, leave it out. Nobody here likes it except for me.

We’re off for the family evening walk and then I’m going to go run with my IrunMommies. Later.