Karma’s a bitch

September 14, 2011 at 5:06 pm

I totally jinxed myself yesterday when I revealed my secret goal of walking to school every day this week. I had to drive the boys to school this morning.

Maybe bragging about my amazing parking karma also brought some bad karma my way.

Last night I headed to Vinoy Park to run with my IrunMommies group. It looked like a lovely evening and we had a big turnout.

We were going to be doing intervals but as soon as we started out for a five minute warm-up I pulled something in my left calf.
FB about hurt leg-2

So I just came back home. I was really bummed and mad. I was just starting to feel like I was back into running. I have to admit that on the drive home I was thinking that when I got home I wanted to make a big bowl of ice cream and cry into it a little. That’s really rational thought right? I can’t exercise, so let’s just eat. Chad told me to post my food on my “I Eat” page on the blog and then I wouldn’t eat any more. I did…and it worked! This is me venting on Facebook and posting my food on the blog…this is how I blog 99% of the time:

I may or may not have on pants in the above photo. Chad took care of me and Googled what I should do. The internet said ice and elevation. He got my Paradice ice cuff out of the freezer and set me up with some pillows.

I love those Paradice ice packs. You can find them here: Paradice ice packs on Open Sky.

This morning when I first got up it was obvious that I could not walk to school. I couldn’t put any pressure at all on the ball of my foot without sharp pain in my calf muscle. I was walking around on my heel and even then very gingerly. However, after being up and about for a little while it seemed to loosen up a bit and as long as I walk consciously it’s not too bad. I don’t think it’s a serious injury or anything. Just a strain maybe? It’s so bizarre since I had not even really started running when it happened. I’ve never had any injury whatsoever in a year of running, so it has kind of floored me. I’m hoping if I don’t try to push it (do nothing that causes pain) for a few days that it will get better quickly. It definitely feels better than it did last night.

That being said, I went to the gym this morning. I decided to try to find a cardio machine that did not cause any pain in my calf. There are at least a half-dozen choices in cardio machines at my gym so I figured one of them would have to work. I tried the elliptical first, but that caused my Achilles to stretch out too much which caused my calf to hurt. Next, I tried the arc-trainer, which is very similar to the elliptical. However, you control the length of your stride on the arc-trainer, and I was able to use it with my foot in a more neutral position and no pain in my calf. Success!

I did 40 minutes on the arc-trainer, then headed to Bodyflow.

I had planned to skip squats and lunges, but it turned out I was able to do the squat track with no pain in my calf. I took it easy on the lunge track, however. Especially on the lunges with my left leg back. Really the worst thing appears to just be walking, which I still have to do carefully so as not to cause pain. I assume running would also hurt, but I have not tried it and don’t plan to until walking normally doesn’t hurt. Oh calf, why hast thou forsaken me?

Today was early release day, so it wasn’t long after the gym that I had to go get the boys. This afternoon was homework and snacks and television and laundry. Joey Z. came over to hang out for a while.

They are playing “Hunger Games” which is a game that Cal made up based on The Hunger Games series of books. He’s currently about half way through Mocking Jay (the third and last book in the series) and has obviously loved them. The game involves putting caches of weapons in our yard and the neighbors’ yards.

Mack said he was the gamemaker and Cal and Joey were tributes. There actually is a board game based on the Hunger Games, but I bet Cal’s live-action game is way cooler except for the fact that Cal made up all the rules and probably changes them to suit him as the game progresses.

Chewie’s not very happy because he desperately wants to be outside with them, but they like to have the backyard gate open so they can use both the front and back yards and run in between. So he’s stuck inside, wistfully staring out the French doors and listening to them play.

I’m making dinner right now while they are outside playing. I’m making grilled flank steak and roasted vegetables. It’s also from that Robin Rescues Dinner cookbook that I mentioned yesterday, but it’s basically just grilled flank steak and roasted vegetables. A picture of my portion will be on my “I Eat” page later. I think I’m having ice cream tonight! (totally accounted for and “legal”, though)

I guess I won’t be able to join in the family evening walk tonight. I’ll ice and elevate instead. I’m slightly hopeful that I will be able to walk to school tomorrow, but we’ll see. G’night.

P.S. I don’t really believe in karma or any other religious/superstitious mumbo jumbo. I just like joking about my amazing luck with parking spaces. Good stuff and bad stuff happens randomly to people who don’t deserve either all the time. Life’s not fair, but my life is awesome, through no good deeds of my own. Well, maybe every now and then I do something good. I hope. But not enough to justify all the wonderfulness that is my fascinating life.