Yippee skippee fall is here

October 1, 2011 at 4:27 pm

October sounds like fall, right? I know that the official first day of fall was over a week ago, but it has still been 90+ degrees here every single day, so that’s summer to me. As I’ve said before, it’s the worst time of year to live in Florida. But soon, very soon, it will be the BEST time of the year to live in Florida.

While all of you are running on treadmills, or risking a fall on the ice of your shoveled sidewalks, we will be blissfully running in shorts on our 70 degree days (and those are the chilly days). We’ll forget that it’s winter in the rest of the world just like right now we forget that it’s fall.

But since it is October, and that just sounds like fall, I am bringing back the link to my favorite little feel-good piece about fall. I posted this link last year (the post last year was called Happy Fall Ya’ll), and the year before that I posted it on Facebook. I just love it. I would post the thing here in it’s entirety except for the spam it would inevitably bring, and that whole copyright infringement thing. Anyway, read it. Here it is…my favorite essay on fall.

Well guys, I wrote all that yesterday (getting a jump on things), and guess what? Fall really did arrive today! It’s perfect and blissful outside and my whole day has felt joyful because of it. But first, let me back up to last night for a minute.

Last night was soccer. Mack had pictures which was utter chaos.



Cal was really into it.


Soccer moms!


My friends Sheryl and Jeannie (and me).

Mack’s game started and ended late because of the pictures.
mack soccer collage reduced-1

I stayed with him until the end since he has been getting short-changed on the parental spectator end of things due to Chad and me “coaching” Cal’s team. When his game was over Cal’s was already in progress.

They didn’t need me to “coach” anyway. Coach Dave pretty much handles things himself which is fine by Chad and me. I’m not wearing the stupid “coach” t-shirt next week.

I thought the sunset looked very similar to the one I painted the other night.



After soccer we met our friends Sewer and Amy for a late dinner. We went to Lee Roy Selmon’s restaurant.

The restaurant was really dark, so these pictures are terrible.


Sewer and Amy went to Eckerd College with Chad a million years ago. We love them like family. Sewer (don’t ask me how he got that nickname…all I know is that they had a ton of “Mike”s in their dorm, so they all got nicknames) even lived with us for about six weeks while going to massage therapy school way back in the day. Then they both lived here in St. Pete with their little boy and baby girl for a while. Then they moved back to Maine (where Sewer is from) and their little boy and baby girl are now 15 and 13. How does that happen? I just can’t possibly be that old.

They are so awesome that they even brought gifts for the boys!


Sewer and Amy, it was so great to see you guys. We are planning a trip to Maine for spring break next year!

That brings us to today. I was up at 4:45 (!) so that I could drink coffee and eat something before heading out for a run at 5:30. The IRunMommies were meeting at 6:00, but they were doing 8 miles and I wanted to do 9 and I am super slow, so I wanted to get a head start and then finish with them.

After the sun set last night at soccer it got nice and cool and this morning it was just perfect…low 70’s and low humidity. HELLO FALL. Welcome! It just made running so much better. I cut almost a minute per mile off my average pace from last week (you can see the stats for all my runs on my “Still Running” page).

This is me at 4.75 miles where I turned around to head back towards where we started (it wasn’t a perfect loop, so this was a little more than half way through my run). It was still pitch dark outside…I’m standing on the St. Raphael’s bridge and the church is right behind me but you’d never know it.

See my new light on my visor? It was really great to have that this morning. It looks very dorky, though. Or maybe it looks like I’m a badass runner? Okay, maybe not.

As I headed back in the skies began to brighten.

At about 7.5 miles, downtown St. Pete in the distance…

Sunrise over Coffee Pot Bayou…almost done!

Here’s my crazy route this morning.
garmin map run oct 1

This was such a great run for me. What a difference a week can make! Last week after 8.75 miles I was so dead. I couldn’t even contemplate biking to the gym for Bodyflow so I drove. This week I felt great after 9 miles, so I rode my bike to the gym. OMG! Biking in the cool weather was amazing. I got my bike in May (seems like I’ve had it forever), so I’ve never biked in anything resembling coolness. I think I arrived with bugs in my teeth because I was smiling so hard the whole time.
me smiling collage reduced-1


My friend Ieda took that picture. She is super nice. She always saves me my favorite space in the corner by the windows. Here she is…

She is getting ready to go to South Africa for most of the month of October with her husband for vacation. How awesome is that?

Bodyflow felt spectacular after that long run. I also felt really strong and flexible today. I even did really well during the balance track and usually my balance is so bad. I think the cooler weather just made everything better today.

Except for my hair, which was a mess by the end of Bodyflow.

I forgot my awesome AC Designs headband, probably because I was wearing my bike helmet. Speaking of headbands, Mack picked the winner this morning (sorry I was a couple of days late).

And the winner is…

Jennifer! Congratulations! Thank you all for commenting, and please check out Aimee’s etsy shop for AC Designs and get one for yourself. Us running mamas have to support each other. I wish I could have given you all a headband because I love you so much.

After I biked home from the gym I took another ice bath.

I thought black and white helped to convey the coldness of the situation…and also helped hide the lack of cleanliness of my shower. Once again the ice bath was torture, but now my legs feel so good. If you missed it, you can see just how painful an ice bath is in this video I made of my first one.

Now the boys are out running around and I’m doing laundry and watching Project Runway. Sorry if this post is a little long. I can’t help it if my life is just this fascinating.