Whew Wednesday

October 5, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Last night after our family evening walk I went for a five mile run. I just left from my house instead of going downtown to meet the IRunMommies. It’s so dark down near Albert Whitted now and I usually end up running alone (because I’m so slow), so I decided to just stay closer to home and get done as early as possible.

I wore my goofy light. I love it. Now I don’t have to worry so much about tripping over an uneven sidewalk or stepping on a dead critter.

I wanted to do five miles with no walking, but I didn’t carry water and I was feeling very dehydrated by about three and a half miles, so I ended up mixing in some walking in that last mile. The stats are on my “Still Running” page. I can usually do up to five miles without carrying water, but last night it was killing me. My mouth was so dry I couldn’t swallow. Next time, I’m carrying water for a five-miler.

After I got back home Chad and I watched two episodes of Two and a Half Men on Tivo (episodes 2 & 3 of the new season). Ashton was naked in episode 2, so that was good. However, he was not naked in episode 3 and now that I realize he is not going to be naked in every episode I think we are going to drop this show. We had given up on it before this season and were only watching it again to see what Ashton Kutcher would do since we were big fans of his from That 70’s Show. We just didn’t feel like the story lines were very compelling.

Hike it! Bike it! I like it! That is this year’s slogan for International Walk to School Day which was today. Of course, we walk to school almost every day, but it was fun to see lots of other families joining in on our route.

It would be so cool if all these people would actually walk to school every day. I would hate it if for some reason we had to give up walking to school. It is definitely one thing I will miss when both of the boys’ are in middle school (all the middle schools are too far away for us to walk). At least I have three more years with Mack in elementary school.

On the way home from school I saw this bumper sticker on the back of a truck:

Awesome. Can you see Chewie’s reflection under the bumper sticker?

Once I got home I quickly ate my huge breakfast (on my “I Eat” page, duh), then biked to the gym.


I was hurrying because I wanted to get to the gym in time for spin class (yes, I bike six miles round trip to the gym for spin…you know I’m obsessive).


Spin makes me sweat like nothing else. Can you see the sweat on my arm?

Spin kills me.


Luckily I brought a dry t-shirt for Bodypump.

I’m getting the hang of using my camera’s timer to get action shots (because I need more pictures of myself on this blog).

After I biked home from the gym, showered, and ate a quick lunch it was time to pick up the boys from school (early release day). After I picked them up we went to the UPS Store to deliver the gift I bought yesterday to someone very special whose birthday is coming up. I’m trying not to spoil the surprise of that person receiving a box. Wonder if that person has a clue?

Then we came home and did homework, snacks, and reading. Since I failed yesterday in my quest to do ONE THING daily around the house in order to have it clean and orderly by the holidays (I didn’t do anything last night like I said that I might), I was determined to tackle one task today…my shoe baskets!

We have a shoe problem in our foyer anyway, and I am constantly harping on the boys (and Chad) to put their shoes on the shelves. I guess I should harp on myself a little more. Part of the problem is my flip-flop and sandal hoarding.

That is 28 pairs and I know there a few pairs around the house that didn’t make it into the photo. They are just so hard to resist! We wear sandals and flip-flops year round here and generally they are so cheap and cute. Take, for instance, my last purchase:

I got these a couple of weeks ago on clearance at Target for less than $2. How could I resist? So what if I had dozens of flip-flops at home? They are cute and comfy and I’ve already worn them several times.

Did you notice that I have four pairs of the same Crocs sandals in different colors?

These were not so cheap, but they are my favorite. If I saw another color I’d buy them. I’d NEED them. Definitely. I just bought the blue ones in Hilton Head in August.and was very happy to find them.

So after all my shoe organization:


Much better. Of course, just beyond that photo is this mess:

That mess is entirely Cal’s junk and we will tackle it another day. However, to help make up for the fact that I dropped the ball yesterday the boys and I spent 30 minutes in their room. I didn’t take a “before” photo, but there was no visible carpet in this area before we worked in there:

These guys are vintage…they were Chad’s when he was a kid.

Don’t you remember Shogun Warriors from the 70’s?

Chad could have been in this commercial!

We’re going to continue to work in the boys’ room over the next week because I want to gather up toys to give away before the Red Cross is coming for a pick-up Friday after next. We filled up a large laundry basket today, which is a good start.

Those garbage bags contain all the clothes and a few odds and ends that I purged during the big clothing clean up on Monday. We are going to have a bunch of stuff for the Red Cross!

Now the boys are outside playing “Hunger Games” (Cal’s made up live-action game based on the book) with Joey Z. I’m actually cooking a recipe tonight for dinner (fill you in tomorrow if it’s good). When Chad gets home we’ll go on our family evening walk. Oh, they finally picked up that huge pile of house contents from the roadside near our house. Too bad there is now broken glass, a pair of scissors, several broken CD’s and a bunch of other garbage left behind. Who is going to clean that stuff up? Hopefully the homeowner, but we’ll see.