Sunday is the day after

October 16, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Last night was date night! We started off the evening with good parking karma, finding a metered spot (they don’t enforce meters on the weekends) right across the street from our restaurant.

20111015-IMG_4220Honey, you’re doing that weird thing with your eyebrow.

That’s a little better.

We had dinner reservations at St. Pete Brasserie, a French/American restaurant on Central Avenue. It had very good reviews on Yelp and Urban Spoon, so we were psyched.

I had a hard time deciding on a cocktail…it was either going to be the “Antioxidant” or the “Give it to Me Filthy”.

The dirty martini won out…I couldn’t resist blue cheese stuffed olives and dirty martinis are always my favorite.

The restaurant was very cozy with stenciled walls and French posters. I really liked the atmosphere.

The St. Pete Times said that the French onion soup and the pommes frites were awesome here, so I got the onion soup as a starter.

It was amazing. Chad got the Caesar salad and I had a bite…also very good.

For my main course I got the paella which was also delicious. Even though you can’t really tell in the photo above, the soup bowl was huge, so I got a half portion of paella which turned out to be quite a large portion anyway. I was sad because I was too stuffed to eat my last two blue cheese stuffed olives, although I did manage to finish the second martini.

Chad got the filet and pommes frites as his entrée and I stole a fry…they were awesome as promised. I would definitely recommend this restaurant. I think it is great that they offer half portions of many of their entrees and we were very happy with all of our food.

Next up was the entertainment portion of the evening.

We walked about five blocks to where we thought the L Train, the little bar/theater where the show was happening, was supposed to be.

And then we couldn’t find it.

I wanted to go in a little bodega/café and ask if they knew where it was, but typical male…

Finally I left him on the sidewalk and went into the bodega/café by myself and asked. They were very happy to point directly across the street from where we were standing. Somehow we missed this sign:

It was kind of in the back of a building, but I still don’t know how we didn’t see that sign. This sign was not actually visible from Central Avenue…

This was a tiny little bar with a tiny little theater and a tiny little pool table. Fun, friendly atmosphere, though, as you can imagine. We realized that the show didn’t start until 9:00 and that the bar/theater had its own little parking lot, so we walked back to our car and moved it up to the bar. It was kind of nice to get that 10-block walk in after all our food and drinks.

Then we hung out at the L Train until it was time for the show to start.

Finally Mademoiselle JiJi said we could enter the theater and find our seats.

Before the show started they did a Halloween Trivia contest. We didn’t win.

During the first number one of the performers threw this cat-ear headband into the audience and it landed on my arm. Score! I think I will wear these every day until Halloween.

We really enjoyed the show. The dancers were very entertaining and the host, Mme. JiJi and the emcee, Chris, were very friendly and funny. They handed out Halloween candy between acts.

They also did door prizes (we got one drink ticket and ten door prize tickets with our show admission). We won warming massage lotion…

Awesome. Overall we really enjoyed ourselves and had a great date night. If you are adventurous and not uptight, I would highly recommend Mme. JiJi’s CaBurlesque show for a date night.

This morning the boys and I went to Einstein’s for breakfast again.

I am so loving this menu. Today I tried the turkey sausage bagel thin egg white sandwich. It was yummy. I have also tried the asparagus, mushroom & Swiss and the BLT with avocado and all have been great.

The guy pointing to the sign in the picture below wanted to be in the picture, especially when I told him that I am a blogger and he might become famous (amongst my 10’s of readers)…

Einstein’s seems to be our new favorite Sunday breakfast spot.
einstein bagel eye reduced-1

After breakfast we headed to the gym. I did an hour on the elliptical (burning off those martinis)…

then Bodypump.

The rest of the day will be devoted to laundry, helping the boys get started on their gifted project for this semester (bleh), television watching and blog reading.

The three day weekend feels like it was just too short.

p.s. I have officially given up on that stupid Clean for the Holidays idea of doing at least one small task of housework beyond the basic laundry/kitchen cleaning that I do every day. Obviously that was a ridiculous pipe dream. What will actually probably happen is that one day I will have a hissy fit over the state of house, yell at the boys mercilessly, then we’ll have some sort of marathon cleaning sessions and get it presentable before Christmas. Or else Santa will just have to learn what slobs we really are.